Visions or too much spicy Thai before bed?

The exchange with the 'ex-gay' started me thinking about this issue of visions, prophetic dreams and God speaking directly to people. Now as a Pentecostal, these are very real and very much from God as a person coming from this denomination. The Bible backs me on this (Acts 2:17).
But all these spiritual manifestations have to jive with the Word of God or they are
n o t h i n g.

There is also a real danger when interacting with the spiritual realm because there is the possibility you may not be dealing with God or his messengers, but the other guy and his ilk. Even Paul said if an angelic being appears to you while you're taking a shower (the first warning bell is someone coming to you while you're in the shower) and tells you something that seems to be contrary to the Word, the visitor is from the other guy who NEVER has your best interest in mind. The fact Paul gives this warning says it can happen, Paul didn't DO hypotheticals.
My Pentecostal side of the denomination isle is a perfect example of those who like to believe they have their toes dipped into the spiritual pool over other types of Christian, but somehow embrace more spiritual heresies at the same time (Latter Rain, Manifest Sons of God, prosperity doctrine are all heresies that stemmed from the Pentecostal movement, not to mention the scary "revival" meetings like the ones in Brownsville and Toronto). My poor Pentecostal brethren, always stretching to hear the voices of Angels while ignoring the cries of men, another danger with have more feet in the spiritual realm than the one of flesh and bone dealing with other beings of flesh and bone.

False dreams and prophesies can do real damage. The assistant Pastor of my Church felt like he had a prophetic calling to start his own church. He did and it failed, miserably. It left him questioning everything. God was not behind this, but from him it was an honest mistake with thinking it was from God and it's an example of how you can really convince yourself God is talking to you. This can go from the greater to the lesser of us. Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz was told by his wife he should run because of a prophetic dream she had from God telling her he'll win, he lost to a demagogue and was almost dragged out of the race by his own party because he thought God couldn't be wrong. You have some like a YouTube "Prophetess" who had a vision from God of California having a major Earthquake because of all the homosexuals being busy with homosexuality in the state. Well guess what? Seismologist who don't get visions from God have been predicting a major Earthquake for years because we haven't had smaller Earthquakes and now it's built into one big one coming to me soon. Of course when it happens this "seer" will see it as her prophesy coming true and people in the Bible belt will be in awe of her while running away from the tornadoes they'll say God didn't send them. The Bible says if a prophet of God is wrong even once, they aren't of God and they are to be killed. There is no wiggle room with this and it shows how lightly so many believers take this subject when God doesn't.

Maybe we should step away from the dreams and prophesies till we're grounded in the Word of God FIRST. I'm talking about really being solid in it to where we can tell these multitudes of self-professed prophets who dream dreams to shut up and sit down with what isn't from God because this has turned into a jumbled mess.

"The life of a man consists not in seeing visions and in dreaming dreams, but in active charity and in willing service."

- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.


My French Ex-Gay and Me: The Movie.

YouTube has tubs of "ex-gays" who love to give their testimony on how God delivered them from the excruciating pain and sheer horror of homosexuality. One caught my attention because he didn't seem to go through all the molesting and sexual exploitation most 'former' homosexuals go through that made them hate homosexuality. I wrote a comment on his first YouTube video that he responded back to and after a few more comments we decided he should write me privately.

It started with me linking him to my blog testimony (in the tags below) in response to what he said in his video and I went further with saying; "Please, look over my blog and I will be glad to answer any question or walk you through whatever you need help with."
He wrote me back:

"So I've been reading through your testimony and I have to say that I quite understand your point of you, but you also have to know that what led me to where I am today is not according to men but according to the direction God put me into from the beginning. I would like to tell you more about my testimony now though it is quite long (this is an understatement from him), I don't have any blog to redirect you to but if you're interested in reading my story I'm ready to write it down for you in an email. 
Let me know!" 

I responded:

"I would love to here what you have to say (big mistake)."

NEXT thing I get is paragraph after paragraph of what was his testimony involving all kinds of personal issues including spiritual visions people seem to have approached him with when he was young to not be gay, God telling him to leave his first boyfriend and the Holy Spirit bribing him with all kinds of spiritual gifts and presents if the boyfriend isn't in the picture anymore (the Trinity really had it in for this particular boyfriend). He finally ended up leaving the boyfriend because of all the Holy badgering and all of a sudden communication was cut off from God's end, the Holy Spirit never gave him his wonderful presents that were promised and he becomes so despondent, he quit school, moved back to his parents and contemplated suicide. He ends up in ANOTHER gay relationship that this time is abusive and all of a sudden God decides to pop into his life again like a deadbeat dad who's kid just turned 18 to tell him stop being gay, again. This time it sticks and God didn't drop him later on.

It all sounded odd and almost like a late-nite telenovela you find on the Telemundo channel, but with God causing the melodrama. I wrote him back with trying to find a place to start with what he wrote:

"My first issue is with how you think the Holy Spirit made you promises if you obey that made you feel you had to leave your boyfriend. The Holy Spirit doesn't work that way in being conditional in what He offers. All we desire from the Holy Spirit is there for the asking and if it's not imparted to us? God's Will trumps our desire in His perfect wisdom. I noticed you had people around you (the people in the church you grew up in, the girl who came to you with her dream, the mother) who put in you that the love you had was wrong early on. I think they had more of an impact on you than you know. You're life collapsed AFTER you left your first boyfriend at the 'prompting' of God that started your spiritual journey? Do you think maybe the choices you made were not from God and that is why your life fell apart and you felt God abandoned you? You get another boyfriend who seems abusive and it was only then God came to you again? I see all kinds of wrong here already.

I stopped reading your testimony at this point because I want you to understand something brother. God is not a roller coaster of feelings and prophetic dreams and audible visitations. This is why we go by his Word that gives us discernment with what is from God and what isn't. I believe what has happened to you is you really believing God has brought you to this point, but if homosexuality is not a sin (remember the verses I brought up in your YouTube comment and how I put then in their correct context?), God's Holy Spirit wouldn't have been doing what you believe Him to be doing. As a Pentecostal I know full well the dangers of going by spiritual manifestations that are the work of the mind and flesh. Now what I see here could also be a case of if you truly believe homosexuality is sin, even though the case can't be made from the Bible, maybe God did leave you in your will to leave homosexuality because it became a stumbling block to you, THAT I understand."
The next e-mail from him:
"Franck you should expect have a debate with me on this only after reading the all story. Apparently you didn't understand that I've spend hours writing It just for you and this is really disrespectful. 
You did the same with the video? 
Or you're not interested in my story and you move on or you take the time to consider what I said because you can not expect me to listen to what you have to say if you didn't even try with me ... And it makes you write a lot of nonsense that I can't answer, because the answers are found in the rest of what you didn't take the time to consider (they weren't because after he wrote me this I read everything he said)."
My response:
"There is no debate with you because I never wanted to debate you in how we came to be in our different paths. Is that how you saw all this? We all have a testimony who have sought God and many times those testimonies contradict each other, who is right? The testimony that is in line with the Word of God outside of experiences and emotion. You say I disrespected you with not reading your whole testimony and I understand your anger because you are right, but what I had to say about the first few paragraphs of what you wrote you didn't even respond to so we could go on from there. 
What I wrote was not nonsense because you didn't understand it or wanted to accept it.

I'm sorry."
He never wrote again and is continuing to post videos.




Amid a changing religious landscape that has seen a declining percentage of Americans who identify as Christian, a majority of U.S. Christians (54%) now say that homosexuality should be accepted, rather than discouraged, by society... this trend is driven partly by younger church members, who are generally more accepting of homosexuality than their elder counterparts. For example, roughly half (51%) of evangelical Protestants in the Millennial generation (born between 1981 and 1996) say homosexuality should be accepted by society, compared with a third of evangelical Baby Boomers and a fifth of evangelicals in the Silent generation. Generational differences with similar patterns also are evident among Catholics, mainline Protestants and members of the historically black Protestant tradition.

- Pew Research Poll.

A new generation drowning out the old voice of homophobia in the Church.
A Change is a happening.


Two Pits in a Pod

I don't know what's happened to Billie Graham's children. I've written about Franklin's antics before and now his sister Anne is stepping up with her bid to out do her brother in fanaticism. Just recently from Anne.

To imply God decided to turn a blind eye to watch sparrows fall out of the sky while men and women were torn to pieces, burned alive or fell out of the sky to their deaths like sparrows themselves, that God did a retroactive judgment on America because of transgenders peeing years later, It's disgusting and a reproach to the Name of God. It's disgusting coming from any human being and even more so coming from anyone in any type of ministry. Anne's brother, never the one to be left out with a 9/11 comparison, is just as loathsome with equating that day of 9/11 with the "moral terrorism" of homosexuality. Did I say Franklin just stated gays "snatch children away for themselves" in a Russian newspaper? Gays are now the child-snatcher monster "Qallupilluit" of Inuit Alaskan lore according to Franklin. Their father Billy is almost in a vegetative state to reel these two beans back in before they totally run his ministry into the ground.

Homosexual coming for your child.



Franklin's Playtime

"Can you imagine a city where a popular, successful business is singled out (for a boycott?) ..."

- Franklin Graham just recently on New York Mayor Bill De Blasio's calling for a boycott of the bigoted Chick-Fil-A restaurant chain.

"Boycott Target department stores, World Vision charity, the Girl Scouts, the Boy Scouts, Wells Fargo bank... "

- Franklin Graham.


Trans Like Tang Because They Can

I could list off all the negative "Christian" happenings across the country right now against transsexuals with public restroom accommodations, but instead I'm going to use this opportunity to let some parents talk about having a transgender child and link to a Christian transsexual's blog that has a beautiful spirit.

But first a look at the cases of supposed "transgender predators" in public restrooms.


Transsexual (F to M) Balian Buschaum.