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"By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches.
Finally, brothers, rejoice. Aim for restoration, comfort one another, agree with one another, live in peace; and the God of love and peace will be with you."


Proverbs 24:3-4, Cor. 13:11.


Charles Stanley

Lay Christians like to listen to "Preachers" rather than the real Bible "Teachers." The latter can go to the Bible languages of Christ and Paul to get what both were saying. Having a familiarity with the ancient texts outside the Bible is also a tool they go to that shines a better light on certain passages. We know the story of the good Samaritan, but if you go to the outside sources of the Bible, you'll know that the Jews and the Samaritans were mortal enemies and knowing that gives more depth to the Samaritan story with making him different from the previous two passerby's who saw the robbed man on the side of the road.

Old school "Preachers," like Charles Stanley, talk from a cursory read of the Bible that they picked up at a local Christian book store and that's the extent of their knowledge with the passages. Bible scholars are just too involved and they need you to invest in study with them and the average pew Christian just doesn't want to bother when they can have people like Stanley around to spoon feed on subjects they don't have a vested interest in like homosexuality. It helps Stanley in that he comes off like a kindly grandpa who must know what he's talking about because he's been around longer than most.

This is Stanley on a gay Christian who's parents are having all kinds of problems with him because he won't follow the Christianity of his parents' preachers who condemn him, instead he follows the Christianity taught by teachers and that doesn't sit well with Stanley at all who makes it sound it's all about the gay Christian's "feelings." Stanley believes gays have no joy or happiness no matter what gays say, he's lying in saying that you can change your orientation if you want to (I find this personally offensive because of the experiences my partner went through with wanting to change with all his soul, a change that never happened), hints the son is going to Hell unlike a Tim Keller I just posted on and that the parents should make the life of their Christian gay son miserable with not accepting him and if they don't they are disobeying God Himself.

[All the YouTube videos I post here I try to get in HD, some just don't have it and I'm stuck posting blurry vids because those are the only ones out there]

A little story...

A few years ago a gay pride parade had a route going past his church. Needless to say Stanley was furious and told his church goers to stand outside on the church steps and scream Scripture and condemnation on them, and they did. Across the street was a Methodist church (St. Marks) who instead of screaming and accusing, passed out plastic cups of water to the parade passerby's because it was a hot day. Who was the greater of the two with the witness of the Gospel?
Don't ask Stanley.


Pastor Tim Keller

The Joe Dallas post left a really bad taste in my mouth, so I want to be fair with showing what others have to say who are less loathsome with this topic even though they still believe homosexuality is not compatible with the Biblical ethic. Tim Keller is one of those people who even though we disagree fundamentally on this (his "flourishing' argument is one of the easiest to take apart), I respect his Christ-like approach and tone.


Something About Robert

When Rob Bell said God was accepting of homosexuals, it really rattled the Evangelical world if you knew the place Rob had with them. Evangelicals felt it was a deep betrayal and turned there backs on him with calling him everything from a reprobate to a 'Dark' Shepherd, it didn't help when others sided with Rob like Brian McLaren, but oy, like most on my side with the Bible and homosexuality, they're just really crummy with debating. Rob is new to this and it's too early for him to stand up to anti-gay prats like Wilson who's good at slipping things into the conversation as a given. This is unfortunate because If you have ever heard Rob preach, you know he's a brilliant speaker, just not with this.

Rob is debating Andrew Wilson and of course Rob looks like he doesn't know where his car is.

He should have answered the question directly. Yes Andrew, the Bible and Jesus don't say it's sinful. Now what?!

Notice how Wilsons implies those who believe like Rob don't get their view from the Bible, but instead get it from wanting to move people forward in history with a worldview? Rob should have stopped him right there and made it clear that the only reason he now believes as he does comes from Scripture, only Scripture, to win this.

Paul wouldn't be saying; "That's just great guys!" If two men were in a relationship at Corinth because he wouldn't even be saying that to a straight couple in Corinth. Did Andrew forget Paul said it's better to be single and if you HAVE to marry, do it so you "don't burn?" Paul saw ANY relationship as taking away from the work that needed to be done with bringing people into the Kingdom with the short time we tarry on this Earth.

Rob should have turned the question back on Andrew with saying; "Are you saying Jesus was talking about homosexuality because He was talking about "sexual immorality?" Because the Greek word Paul is saying for sexual immorality, pornea, is talking about the breaking of the marriage bed vow in the passages you just quoted me, Matthew (5:28), Romans 1 (1:29), Revelations (18:3) and it never refers to homosexuality. Fornication, harlotry, but never homosexuality.

Andrew prattles on about the creation account that in no way CONDEMNS gay unions in Christ and notice he brings up Moses? Not any other patriarchs who had multiple wives and concubines, just Moses with the one wife. Still not a very smart move on his part when the Bible narrative hints Moses had two wives in the book of Numbers.

Rob should have stopped him again when he said 'arsenokoitai' is the active and 'malakoi' is the passive in a gay relationship. See how he makes it sound like it's a given? James White does this same thing when discussing these two words.
(Rob by now looks like he wants to hide in the bushes outside of the studio)

When Andrew is giving the line that gays in his church have left homosexuality, I'm glad Rob at least brought up the examples of gay Christians he knew who are active in the Body of Christ. There are countless testimonies of men and women that Andrew is ignoring who serve God in their gay identity, AS new Creature who died to self IN a resurrected life in Christ. Greed and slander are offenses against another, a breaking of "Shalom" homosexuality doesn't do Andrew.

I don't know what Andrew is trying to say starting at the 12:10 mark, even Rob had to ask. He's wrong though with saying all scholars believe as he does, a fact admitted by Gagnon and White with saying they are now in the minority, and that the early church had this view of homosexuality the church has now, it didn't. Andrew doesn't see church traditions with homosexuality being wrong, but he will be the first to say we should leave church tradition behind because these are dead traditions. Andrew can't go to Paul's words, he can't go to the Torah (when he says "Torah," he really only means Leviticus), he can't go to the prophets (When did Micah talk about homosexuality?) because they don't make these sweeping claims prohibiting homosexuality which he says they do.
(Rob is looking at the host like he just got caught shoplifting hairspray)

Andrew is right with hinting Rob didn't bring anything to the table to change his mind. I do give Rob credit for calling out the bias of the host.

I do want to add one more thing from my personal feelings. I won't break bread or drink of the wine with someone like Andrew Wilson. I don't call him a brother in Christ and I know he won't call me brother. When I see the heresy of what people like him push that destroys young, gay, souls, I'm filled with a righteous anger I will be glad to give an accountability to God for.


Julie With Waffles

When I leave a comment on YouTube, I'm always surprised when I go back and it's still there. I'm not kidding. I almost want to send a little hand written thank you note and a 5 dollar Lotto scratcher in gratitude.
My comments are always with teaching, sometimes a rebuke, but nothing I wouldn't stand by if Christ was looking over my shoulder at what I wrote.

One thing I can say about myself is that I won't delete comments on this blog or on my YouTube channel because I don't fear being proven wrong.


I realize I only give the perspective of a Christian gay man. This is a site from the perspective of  a Christian lesbian for all the lovely lady lovers out there.

Julie Rodgers


A friend of my cousin's nephew who knows my sister told me this just happened.


Pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber

When I was first putting this blog together, someone pointed me to Nadia. I became a fan.

"As a teenager, I began to question the Great Christian Sorting System. My gay friends in high school were kind and funny and loved me, so I suspected that my church had placed them in the wrong category... Injustices in the world needed to be addressed and not ignored. Christians weren't good; people who fought for peace and justice were good. I had been lied to, and in my anger at being lied to about the containers, I left the church. But it turns out, I hadn't actually escaped the sorting system. I had just changed the labels.

- Nadia Bolz-Webber.   


Joe Dallas

I try to stay within theological circles when debating homosexuality and the Bible because you take what theologians say with more weight because of their specialty. I wouldn't go to a toffee maker to learn how to do take out my tonsils; I would go to a physician because he went to school for it. Now, with that being said, there is also plenty of room for lay Christians to make compelling arguments and even refute these learned scholars because I believe God gives discernment with His Word if you thirst for it with all your heart; I put myself in that category. Whether it is a spiritual gift or simply God rewarding diligence with giving insight of being a Berean, I still don't know. I tend to leave other lay Christians alone even if they believe the opposite of me because we are in the same boat scholastic wise with the Bible and I believe they are entitled to their respective opinions because their opinion is not one coming from leadership like mine. This will not be the case with Joe Dallas

Joe Dallas is not only all wrong for spitting out all the same anti-gay bile you'd hear from a typical over weight preacher touring the church speaker circuit with a bad toupĂ©e, as a person he is a detestable and smarmy human being (I have never said or felt this way about any individual on this blog and that should tell you how this man is in a class all his own). He is yet another "ex-gay" who at one time claimed (some refute this) that he was involved in the early gay church movement and brags he knew Troy Perry, who founded the first official church made up of gay Christian believers called the Metropolitan Community Churches. When Dallas left the church and self-righteously turned against the non-choice-fact of being gay, then Christian gay, he didn't just "turn," he turned into a monster. Dallas did the unthinkable by saying gays are child molesters and, being a "former" homosexual himself, it was like stabbing all gays in the back with what he knew was a lie; but he did it anyway to pander to the ugly religious crowd who at the time said that gays deserved AIDS. He also made it his mission to tell gay Christians that they are liars who are fooling others with pretending to be Christians because that's what HE did. He not only told gays this, he told everyone who hated gays this. If "Gay Christianity" took on human form, Dallas would stab it 72 times and then run it over with his car over and over again all the while laughing. is a site filled with Christian love, but even they couldn't hold back reviewing Dallas's book by saying; "In this book, Joe Dallas distorts and misrepresents everything that Gay and Lesbian Christians have accomplished in the past 30 years... Joe Dallas uses out-of-context selected quotations from Gay Christian leaders in MCC and in other groups to support his rejection of the facts about the "ex-gay fraud." Any person who has accurate knowledge and experience with MCC knows that every congregation and every pastor has a great host of problems to face and handle as best they can. No church is an easy task for the leaders. The Metropolitan Community Churches, however, in the face of sometimes deadly opposition, have given spiritual support and acceptance to gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender people for many years. In this 30th year anniversary of MCC, the desperately needed spiritual and practical help given by this great Christian ministry speaks for itself.
... This book by Joe Dallas is a destructive and unfortunate misrepresentation of the Bible and the so-called "ex-gay" cause."

A kapo with no conscious for being what he is and a hypocritical Judas to the fledgling gay church is an individual that I have no name for.

There is a book that is a counter to Dallas' book; "A Gay Gospel?" From a Missouri Pastor called; "The Rebuttal: A Biblical Response Exposing The Deceptive Logic Of Anti-Gay Theology" by Pastor Romell D. Weekly.

Dallas offers to talk to you over the phone for less than an hour and charges $225, then offers the needed companion book for $200 through his sham organization called "Genesis Counseling" that isn't accredited with any health organization because they all refute reparative therapy as harmful.


Daniel in the Lion's Den

I add Daniel Kirk's name to the list of scholars who can't find a prohibition on homosexuality with the Bible. His name is especially relevant because he stated this as a professor at an Evangelical college and was just fired for it. Now if it were reversed and Daniel came out against LGBT in a liberal college, Christians would be saying it's Christian persecution and he was fired for his faith with the truth he found in the Bible. I guess F. F. Bruce was right.

He just debated Gagnon by the way and they said he did pretty good fighting his way through Gagnon's muck.


Gagnon and Anal Walk into a Bar...

This comment is from Jason Westerly, a commentator on my Disqus service, on Robert Gagnon and it's worth repeating here:

Preface: A fan of Gagnon happened to stumble on this post and said he found it offensive. He didn't find any other post offensive that showed Gagnon twisting the Bible like a double pretzel, but THIS post was way too much for him with besmirching the character of Gagnon. It's like Jason Westerly just insulted his school girl crush.

"Reading through several of your published works and discerning your arguments, this is your hermeneutic:

1. God created things to follow a heterosexual order - the natural way biology functions.

2. Anal sex doesn't do this. Therefore it is a serious disorder.

3. Exegesis of all relevant bible passages condemns anal sex.

4. Jesus probably would condemn anal sex.

5. Paul did condemn anal sex.

6. Gay committed loving relationships can involve the practice of anal sex, therefore God condemns them.

7. Gay committed loving relationships are not really loving relationships because men are more promiscuous than women.

8. Though the civil marriage contract reduces male promiscuity, we must prevent homosexuals from engaging in marriage because that would reduce their promiscuity and add stability to their relationships. This is because God does not approve of loving committed homosexual relationships because there is anal sex.

9. Although homosexuals complain that the marriage ban restriction has harmed them and their relationships, making them very difficult to keep together in today's social and economic environment, they must be prevented because God condemns them because of anal sex.

10. Although homosexuals as well as various studies recount that orientation is very difficult to change and that efforts have resulted in enormous psychological damage, we must continue to encourage them to try, provide prayerful help, and provide assistance to maintain celibacy. We must do this because God condemns committed loving homosexual relationships because of anal sex.

11. If we permit the ban on civil marriage rights for homosexuals, then we will fall down the slippery slope to polygamy, incest, pederasty and other horrible things. We must not permit the ban to be lifted because God condemned committed loving homosexual relationships because of anal sex. God spent a great deal of the Old Testament enabling people to prevent people from doing things. Therefore we must prevent the ban on civil marriage for homosexuals to be lifted.

12. Notwithstanding HIV transmission in Africa and the practice of anal sex among heterosexuals in North America, homosexual anal sex must be singled out as the primary vector for sexually spread disease. It is important we place emphasis on homosexual sex practices to the exclusion of others because God condemns loving committed homosexual relationships because of anal sex.

13. Speaking out against homosexuality is fraught with peril. People may yell at you and tell you that your viewpoints cause violence and hatred. You will feel oppressed while you are yelled at while doing the oppressing. But, we must carry on because God condemns loving committed homosexual relationships because of anal sex. We must discourage violence as much as possible so people don't go to Africa like Scott Lively did to help them pass laws encouraging the assassination, murdering, and burnings of homosexuals. We must do everything possible to try and disconnect our rhetoric and the apparent coldness of heart we exhibit toward them from such violence lest our indications of God's complete and utter condemnation make people inflamed, angry and violent.

14. Jesus demanded we love our neighbor. We do this all out of love. Even though they wail and scream and cry and demonstrate enormous personal and group suffering, we must press on because they are sinning horribly by having anal sex. Even though our message brings them to leave the church in droves, except for a pesky few, we must inject ourselves in civil secular society. We must do everything possible to gum up any chance of their lives improving, such as by removing bans allowing their relationships to strengthen, because this encourages more and more anal sex. And, God hates anal sex.

15. Although there are few verses in the Bible regarding anal sex, they are significant. Anal sex is condemned by God and we must, no matter the cost to anyone, continue to do whatever is possible to prevent homosexuals from having stable relationships because God condemns them because of anal sex.

16. Although Jesus says to love your neighbor, the six or seven scriptural passages condemning anal sex mean loving our homosexual neighbors means we must prevent them from having civil rights allowing them to form stable relationships that in any way symbolically or legally equate their relationships with heterosexuals because God hates anal sex.

We must do whatever is possible to attack homosexuality because the natural law sitting at the base of our hermeneutic says anal sex is gross.

Dr. Gagnon, are you perhaps a goat?

- your happily married (19 yrs together) Christian homosexual fans."

Leviticus Married Deuteronomy

This post is worth repeating because the argument is being brought up often.