Trans Like Tang Because They Can

I could list off all the negative "Christian" happenings across the country right now against transsexuals with public restroom accommodations, but instead I'm going to use this opportunity to link to a Christian transsexual's blog that has a beautiful spirit. First a look at the cases of the supposed "transgender predators" in public restrooms.


Transsexual (F to M) Balian Buschaum.


Christopher Yuen

The anti-gay crows just love to throw out talking heads of some type of "gay" who 'saw their error and turned to the Lord' with making them the darling of the hour (Rosaria Butterfield had that distinction and once her hour was up, they threw her away like some washed up actress the studios stopped calling). Christopher Yuen is still chugging along as a talking head and lately he's gotten a resurgence in popularity in my town of Los Angeles. Yuen was like a Chinese Tony Montana drug kingpin who rose up so high in the drug trade, he became a drug supplier who supplied other big drug dealers throughout the country and slept with any man who breathed his way along the way. A prison sentence and an HIV diagnosis later, he found the Lord. Yuen cleaned up well, was taught well by the rabidly anti-gay Bible Moody Institute and now goes around the country on speaking engagements as some type of expert on homosexuality with all the promiscuous sex he's had in thinking we've all had his same miserable existence as gay men when he instead should be talking about drug addiction that would serve a better purpose with those he directly affected than what he's trying to do here with homosexuality.
He says on his website he's a "survivor" and "AIDS activist." The only surviving he did was surviving a prison stint for damaging countless lives as a drug pusher and him saying he's an 'AIDS activist' is just unbelievable when all he's doing is using his HIV status as a way in to say God wants you to stop being in a gay loving relationship. A real HIV/AIDS activist brings awareness to the disease, Yuen brings awareness God has issues with you being gay while he has HIV, big difference. The fact he doesn't mind being used by the anti-gay religious who have no compassion for gays who have HIV/AIDS, the same people who believe that the disease is a "sow what you reap" because of being gay, shows how clueless he is with insulting the audience he's trying to reach.

Someone left a comment on Yuen's old blog years back and I print it here because it clinches it for me with which path was the right one:

Dear Christopher,

Gay or straight, we are all subject to the risks of pornography, drugs, and HIV.

Being gay or straight is not a choice, just like being black, white, or yellow. But choosing pornography is a choice. Choosing to take drugs is a choice. Choosing to be a drug dealer is a choice. Choosing casual sex, choosing not to talk about and not practice safe sex with your partner(s), choosing not to ask your partner(s) to get tested, those are choices. Please take responsibility for your own actions.

I am also Chinese. I knew I was gay when I was 13 year old. I was the in closet in High School and College, not having a single gay friend. When I saw my straight friends getting serious in their relationships getting married, I knew I wanted that too. I wanted to find the person I love, find the person that loves for who I am, find my soul mate. In coming out, I reached out for support from an Asian support group called GAPSN. My first meeting at GAPSN was "Coming Out" to parents. I came out to my parents after that meeting. My second meeting at GAPSN was "HIV and AIDS", I went to this meeting with my boy friend, and we learned to talk about this uncomfortable issue together.

That was 20 years ago. I am happy to say today I've been in a loving committed relationship with my soul mate for 13 years. My soul mate is also Christian. My brother, sister, and mother are also Christian. My father is Buddhist. My soul mate's family members are also Christians. Dreams do come true. I am getting married to my soul mate next weekend in CA. All of our families and friends have been very supportive and encouraging. 

My sister and mother went to your talk, and told me about you. I read the hand out that was passed out during your presentation. It was heart breaking to read that hand out called "Rebel w/o a cause", specifically the 2 page argument against "Same-sex marriage." Will you have happiness by taking away the wishes and dreams of millions of committed loving same-sex couples? We know many same-sex couples who've been together for decades, where their life's dream is to be married one day. The path you have taking in your efforts in denying so many committed couples their hopes, dreams, and happiness, will that bring you happiness?

You are gay Chinese. I am also gay Chinese. We have taking very different paths in coming to terms with who we are. "I shall not bear false witness." With courage and honesty comes love and honesty.

Being HIV+ does not mean you have to give up your hopes and dreams. I pray to God that one day, you will find your soul mate, that you will have happiness.

God Bless,

P.S.: I also do talks. I do talks for the younger generations of Asian gays, like older generation have done for me when I was a young adult. The talks I do are about love, commitment, responsibilities, marriage, honesty, and courage. I know that through my talks, gays will be less likely to choose the path you have chosen of unsafe sex, drugs, drug dealing, and HIV. Gay or straight, we all want love, commitment and marriage.

What REAL AIDS activists look like.


Micah J. Murray

I try to keep this blog timely, but some things are just to good to not be heard again. Micah's impassioned take on "Loving the sinner, hating the sin," a saying I've tackled on my blog on several occasions, is a must read and will be the final post say on this.


Gagnon the Debater

I've came across someone like Gagnon before. They are clever, some say sneaky, to beat a point to death with graphs, power points, side notes and in Gagnon's case looking up from the floor (Gagnon lays down on the floor in one of his debates). In other words "brow-beating." If you look at every single point they bring up in and of itself, it can be refuted if you take the time, but they don't give you a chance because they will bombard you with 5 other points before you have a chance to answer the first point, a master way of way of debating few can do on Gagnon's level and what intimidates his critics from debating him in an open forum. That is why all his points can be easily refuted outside of a debate setting. Also, Gagnon won't just say; "Man and woman should only be together because of what Genesis says." No, he'll go the extra mile with using intimidating language with saying; "Twoness of the sexes is the foundation for the twoness of the sexual bond-for marital monogamy and indissolubility. God intended sexual unions to be binary, whether serially or concurrently."
After reading the last sentence most people will say; "My God! He MUST be right because look at how good he makes his point! Who can argue with indissolubility??? Whatever THAT is?!" He'll then say this same thing in 3 different ways, using that same intimidating language and even Bible scholars who aren't familiar with his tactics will question themselves (scholar Martti Nissinen is a perfect example of someone Gagnon hoodwinked). Gagnon should be teaching techniques of debate instead of what he's trying to pull with the Bible.

I find it ironic Gagnon's arguments were not persuasive enough to convince his own denomination to not accept gays. The PCUSA now accepts homosexuals in all areas.

James White

Several days ago anti-gay apologist James White posted this on his Facebook account and deleted it before the ink even had a chance to dry. He was hoping no one saw it.

I'll simply post it without comment or commentary:

I bought a dash cam recently. Seems everyone in Russia has one (I guess you have to for insurance purposes), and I thought it would be pretty good to have to document some of the crazy things that happen while driving. So I was coming home this evening and happened to be the first car at Glendale and 35th Avenue in Phoenix. And as you will see, a young black kid, looks to be 15 years old or so, was crossing the street. Now if you watch, you will see a police SUV cross in front of me first going east. The kid then comes into the screen, and though he sort of hid it under his elbow, he plainly flips off the police vehicle. Then he is emptying the drink he is consuming as he walks out of the frame. What you can’t see is that he then simply tossed the bottle into the bush in the corner of the gas station. I happened to notice the two ladies in the car next to me had seen the same thing. We just looked at each other, put up our hands in exasperation, and shook our heads.

As I drove away I thought about that boy. There is a more than 70% chance he has never met this father. In all probabilities he has no guidance, has no example. He is filled with arrogance and disrespect for authority. He lives in a land where he is told lies every day—the lie that he cannot through hard work and discipline, get ahead, get a good education, and succeed at life. He is lied to and told the rest of the world owes him. And the result is predictable: in his generation, that 70% number will only rise. He may well father a number of children most of which will be murdered in the womb, padding the pockets of Planned Parenthood, and those that survive will themselves be raised without a natural family, without the God-ordained structure that is so important for teaching respect, and true manhood or womanhood.

A sound discussion from the African-American perspective on the post.