Bad Blood

John Shore is a prolific writer and a personality well known in Christendom. He is also gay affirming til it hurts. There is no middle ground with John. The Bible doesn't condemn homosexuality, black not white, shut your mouth. I love the man. Now there is Andrew Marin, also a prolific writer, a darling of the media with his "I'm Sorry" campaign (get it? It's a campaign to say to gays; "I'm sorry for how the Church has treated you?"), but you can't get out of Andrew if he's affirming or not, he'll straddle the fence all the way til his pants split and he's chaffed. Andrew once gave his reason that is neither here nor there. I give the man credit for trying.

Everyone knows Andrew won't say what side he's on because everyone knows he believes the Bible condemns homosexuality. The thing with Andrew is he stretches the love of Christ over all, like it's a big Persian rug. He thinks how he feels on this personally he can sweep under the rug even though it leaves a big, fat, lump that makes you ask; "What's that big lump under the pretty rug?" I'm convinced Andrew will never say how he really feels as long he's alive. Now there is something to be said about about the mantra; "FOCUS ON ONLY LOVE, FOCUS ON ONLY LOVE," but this doesn't answer the Bible question on homosexuality, now that too goes under the rug with Andrew's opinion and now you have two lumps.

Four years ago John and Andrew came to blows on twitter as what was bound to happen. I understood John's frustration with Andrew because bringing a gay kid into the faith with saying; "God loves you and the Church was wrong to say bad things to you, but now look at the fine print of the Bible whenever you have the time," can be devastating to the kid with only now finding out God's love is conditional. I'm sure Andrew's reasoning is; "Don't let the Bible get in the way of a good witness to them gays. They'll figure it out later." When the smoke cleared, Andrew left to do battle with gays who had suspicions about his motivations AND anti-gay Christians (one being Gagnon) who think Andrew wants to hide the Gospel message on homosexuality (they're right). John said on his blog about the exchange:

"I don’t expect to hear from him again. But I’m confident that if I do, he won’t say anything beyond how important it is to continue the dialogue, to keep building bridges, to “live in the tension,” to reach out in love, fuzzy, fuzzy, blah, blah, tastes great, less filling. Because selling that kind of sugar-powdered waffle is how Andrew makes his money."

I bring up this incident between John and Andrew because I'm seeing this being played out more and more now. Those like John and myself having to confront the Andrews of the world with hard Scripture over their over exuberance of love and acceptance that's hiding a bill of goods that says either change your orientation or get use to being alone for the rest of your life once you're foots in the salvation door.


Sliced Fresh Sandia

My Summer has been a bust, I blame the anti-Christ. And to stick it to him I'm posting some news that happened while I was gone.

Remember Tony Perkins? I know you don't because I never posted about him. This elder statesman with the anti-gay set says natural disasters are from God for being pissed at the likes of gay marriage happening. Well, a flood of "Biblical Proportions" (his own words) gushed through his home with him and his family barely escaping in a canoe they happened to have had laying around.
Maybe God will get him next time.

This has been in the news because people are relishing in the delicious irony. But what isn't widely known is that the people who were giving donations for the flood victims in the area through a local church called "Greenwell Springs Baptist Church," were actually giving to Perkins (who's their "pastor by absence") to rebuild his own house (Greenwell is a front for Perkins' designated hate group the "Family Research Counsel"). On top of THAT, the FRC is one of the richest hate groups around with support from the wealthy and well hidden DeVos family who are also supporting racist school vouchers along with other unsavory endeavors.


Meanwhile, in Canada...

What about us lovey?


Orthodox Rabbi demands gay acceptance and demands kosher calamari.


A buddy of mine started a new blog!

I updated my arsenokoitai post.

And some on my favorite rascal.

Now back to my Summer. 


"Whoopass Woman" isn't a blues song

Landon Schott is another straight Christian (remember Preston Sprinkles and all that fake dancing to show tunes?) who thinks he can pen a book about homosexuality. I got into it with a production company that promoted Landon a while back:

Me: I have a radical idea. Why don't you interview a gay Christian about being gay in his walk of faith instead of interviewing a straight man on this topic? It's like you interviewing me about the black experience in the church.

Their response was they can do whatever they want. Without even looking, they accused me of having only opinions on my blog I wanted when I have more of what anti-gay apologists say on here with my tags below proving it, and that I should take myself to a dry lake bed.

Remember sweet Kathy who hunted down her pesky stalker like in a horror movie where the human prey turns the tables and becomes the predator on those hunting her? I don't need to rip apart Landon's book when Kathy did a great job with going hog wild with it. I didn't think she had it in her or that she uses her hiking stick to kill mean grizzly bears. I see she also has my same gripes with Franklin Graham and don't we all when you really think about it? What's creepy is Schott is a Pentecostal like myself and as Pentes are prone to do, they blame everything on demons instead of having rational dialogue.

"Nothing this guy is saying is anything "new." He portrays his arguments as if they are revolutionary, and he even states that the church "isn't discussing homosexuality" so he has taken it upon himself to do so. I'm not sure where Mr. Schott has been, but evangelicals have been discussing homosexuality long before anyone asked them to. Then he actually starts talking and it's the same talking points that evangelicals have ALWAYS used. It's telling that Michael Brown wrote the foreword for his book; it appears to me that Michael Brown could very well have written the entire book, at least in that there's not a single thing that Schott addresses that wouldn't 100% agree with Brown's tired assertions that have lost play among non-evangelicals long ago.

Schott is basically just a younger, hipper, "shirt untucked" version of the same message promulgated by Brown and countless anti-gay evangelicals before him. Basically I look at this entire book as nothing more than a thinly-veiled attempt by Evangelicals to promote an anti-gay mindset to their children and grandchildren. Little Bobby and Billy don't give a damn what some old Pastor like Michael Brown has to say since they know so many gays and have no problem with them, but maybe, just maybe if those same bigoted and incorrect words come from the mouth of a 32 year old unshaven hipster these kids will get the message better. 

Wear as many rainbow shirts (Schott is fond of wearing rainbow t-shirts to show whatever odd point he's trying to make) as you want for some, tell people you wrote this book because you "love gays" all you want, that still won't change the fact that in that very same book you say that every single gay person you have met was either sexually molested or had a poor relationship with his parents. (pg. 173) I don't know many gays who would view that ridiculous assertion as kind or loving. I also doubt they would consider it loving for you to refer to gay-friendly churches as being akin to satanist temples. (pg. 116) And something makes me think they might take umbrage with the notion that "gay-affirming teachers... are influenced by demons" (pg. 112). But hey, none of that matters because you're wearing a rainbow shirt- CLEARLY you must love gay people."

- YouTube comment.

I'm going to be enjoying my Summer and take a hiatus from my blog.

"Consider the work of the Lord, for who is able to straighten what he has bent? For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope."

- Ecclesiastes 3:13, Jeremiah 29:11.


Rainbow Sherbert

Twice this was brought up to me this week in a debate and even though I already answered it in different ways here on my blog, twice it still got thrown in my face like they had something. The snort is "man and woman becoming one flesh." And this PROVES it can only be a man and only a woman.

I'll now give my ice cream analogy to show what isn't stated, isn't prohibited.

If a man talks about vanilla ice cream, that's doesn't mean he thinks strawberry ice cream is a bad flavor, he just didn't talk strawberry ice cream (let's say vanilla was first and strawberry wasn't created yet). Now if this same man specifically stated; "Vanilla ice cream is a good flavor AND strawberry ice cream is a bad flavor," you could can say, without question, strawberry ice cream is a bad flavor. But you only believe strawberry ice cream is a bad flavor just because it isn't vanilla ice cream. Making a flavor bad when it isn't even mentioned.

Now I want ice cream.


Red Carpet

There is a "phantom" verse that overlaps the first paragraph below this video, like Brown, just pray it goes away.

This is what I see. People like Anderson are now making what Brown says on homosexuality more acceptable, more palatable. Anderson is an aberration, a hate-filled human being who believes gays should be killed and go to Hell. But Brown also believes gays are going to Hell unless they repent of being a practicing homosexual. Anderson makes no apologies and has no sympathy for the dead in Orlando, while Brown gives his sympathies to the dead in Orlando when he went after those same gay people when they were alive. His message on homosexuality doesn't seem so bad now when compared to crazy Steve Anderson or fanatical Roger Jimenez, he is now the lesser evil, Anderson and Jimenez were the Trojan horse.

Brown can't even help himself on agreeing with the supposed future "persecution" of how Christian talk to homosexuals and gun control laws. Both agree gays are going to Hell, it's just Brown who doesn't believe they should be killed to get them there. These two, and I include all other anti-gay religious leaders also, are on the opposite ends of the same prism that excludes gay children from the table of the Most High God.


I spoke to my partner about the shooting last night. I wrote what I wrote in response to a list of Christian leaders who now all of a sudden come out like squeaking mice with offering their prayers and sympathies and I say it here again:

"... Half of those people on the list have said horrific things about gays and NOW they have the gall to try to give their sympathies? What an insult to the memories of those killed when they spent their lives hearing the anti-gay rhetoric coming from these same people.
As a gay man and Christian, keep your condolences and sympathies to yourself. They are not needed or wanted and that includes their followers."

Franklin Graham is now included who of course only talks about the shooting as a result of a "Godless Nation" when he is one of those who's made the atmosphere toxic for LGBTQ, deflecting even a little responsibility he might have.
Compare his response to Catholic Bishop Robert Lynch:

"Sadly it is religion, including our own, which targets, mostly verbally, and also often breeds contempt for gays, lesbians and transgender people. Attacks today on LGBT men and women (from us) often plant the seed of contempt, then hatred, which can ultimately lead to violence."

I read an article that said many Christians are genuinely surprised at the angry response they are receiving from the LGBTQ, like they somehow had something to do with it. You did.

What Omar Mateen did was kill 49 gay men and women in one fell swoop with a semi-automatic gun. What religious leaders do from the pulpit and what is repeated by those in the pews is kill the gay soul. You don't do it one one sweep, you do it slowly, you draw it out with tiny cuts to the spirit. More gays have died from words and "Christian" actions than those that died by the hand of a single Muslim that day. That blood on the sidewalk outside of the Pulse nightclub will river to the Church yard and it will be a testimony on you.

Anton Takashima/James Peter Jandu

This is the first in a series just posted today by Anton.
I like to promote new guys when I can and the simplicity of it should make it easy for the novice.

James Peter was a former fundamentalist preacher. He's a writer and speaker in the UK and India I just discovered.


Orlando Shooting

They will make this all about Islam, Trump or guns, but this was a specific man who picked a specific group because of a specific hatred he had.

"We were in downtown Miami, Bayside, people were playing music. And he saw two men kissing each other in front of his wife and kid and he got very angry," Seddique told NBC. "They were kissing each other and touching each other and he said, 'Look at that. In front of my son they are doing that.' And then we were in the men's bathroom and men were kissing each other."

- Los Angeles Times, June 12. 

"The common thread here, again and again, is religious fundamentalism, whether your call it “Christian” or “Muslim.”

- Columnist Amanda Marcotte 

"You know what is gross — your thoughts and prayers and Islamophobia after you created this anti-queer climate." 

- ACLU staff attorney Chase Strangio to anti-gay religious leaders and politicians.

"Please, no more “thoughts and prayers,” unless they come with a vocal recognition of this as an attack against LGBT people in an LGBT bar. 

Please, no more talk of the Pulse as a “nightclub” without the word “gay” or “LGBT” attached to it.

Please, no more talk on this being an “attack on all of us” unless LGBT people are accorded the same rights as everyone else.

Let’s say it plainly: This was a mass slaying aimed at LGBT people. Their assassin was a man disgusted by the sight of two men kissing, his father told NBC News. This was a homophobic attack."

- Columnist Tim Teeman.

When I wrote on the progressive on-line Christian magazine Relevent about people like Albert Mohler who all of a sudden feel such sorrow over the people who he helped demonize when they were alive, I had enough down votes from those who don't believe these people should have any guilt. My comment was taken off.
Conservative evangelicals responding to the Orlando shooting need to do more than condemn Mateen and his actions. They need to evaluate the role homophobia played in this tragedy, and what this should mean for their own beliefs. They need to ask themselves, seriously, why so many LGBT individuals suspected that the shooter was likely a Christian, and why so many LGBT individuals have openly stated that they don’t want evangelicals’ sympathy or prayers. - See more at:
Conservative evangelicals responding to the Orlando shooting need to do more than condemn Mateen and his actions. They need to evaluate the role homophobia played in this tragedy, and what this should mean for their own beliefs. They need to ask themselves, seriously, why so many LGBT individuals suspected that the shooter was likely a Christian, and why so many LGBT individuals have openly stated that they don’t want evangelicals’ sympathy or prayers. - See more at:
Conservative evangelicals responding to the Orlando shooting need to do more than condemn Mateen and his actions. They need to evaluate the role homophobia played in this tragedy, and what this should mean for their own beliefs. They need to ask themselves, seriously, why so many LGBT individuals suspected that the shooter was likely a Christian, and why so many LGBT individuals have openly stated that they don’t want evangelicals’ sympathy or prayers. - See more at:
Conservative evangelicals responding to the Orlando shooting need to do more than condemn Mateen and his actions. They need to evaluate the role homophobia played in this tragedy, and what this should mean for their own beliefs. They need to ask themselves, seriously, why so many LGBT individuals suspected that the shooter was likely a Christian, and why so many LGBT individuals have openly stated that they don’t want evangelicals’ sympathy or prayers. - See more at:

Some of the victims.


The city of Orlando has also established a hotline to check on missing family members and loved ones here:


Planting Peace 


Pentecostal Confidential

Greg Laurie is the Pastor of a mega-church that's not far from 'The Happiest Place On Earth' in Orange County. He trots out all the same tired lines one would expect on homosexuality, but what I didn't know until today, and what Greg won't tell you, is that Greg was brought to the knowledge of salvation from a gay man named Lonnie Frisbee (I posted an old vid of Lonnie). Greg has called gays "the enemy," but was it an enemy that brought you to Christ Greg? Scratching a little deeper, I find this beast was baptized by Lonnie when he left the gay affirming Church. It's like Six Degrees of Lonnie Frisbee.

I never delved into the story of Frisbee because it's a sad one. His story took place in the time of the flower children of the 60's, how God used him in founding some of the most influential Pentecostal churches (Calvary Chapel, Vineyard) around today and how he was ran out on a rail (sound familiar?), blotted out of church history, and left to die of AIDS outside of the churches that once embraced him.

I could go into Brant Baker who mirrors Lonnie's tale or the oddness of the Paul Cain case, but that is for another time on a dark and cold night my child.

"I first heard the gospel message from him and responded when I was 17. As did thousands of others around the world. He helped father three great moves of God. Did you know that when he was last in Africa, ten young men gave their lives to Jesus Christ? And that those ten men each went out from Lonnie's meeting and started ten churches each? And that a "Jesus People type" revival swept across Africa as a result of those churches? How many souls can say that you first brought the gospel message to them?"

- David Sloane.

{When I quoted the above from David yesterday, I left out the last part of this quote that said; "... Were you there when he told me that he had been deeply wrong in his prior conduct and "was now paying the price for it?" Now David was talking about Lonnie's homosexuality, the implication being because he was gay, AIDS was the price he paid for it, a sentiment apparently shared by Lonnie himself from some alleged audio tapes Lonnie made before he died. I tried to make David look good with the above quote and wanted to keep out the disagreement I had with David on the last apart of what he said, but this is what I wrote back on the entirety of his quote:

"He was used mightily of God, but he was a practicing homosexual and this showed God used A GAY MAN, not a FORMER gay man, not a NON-PRACTICING gay man. Lonnie was never to find peace with his homosexuality because of those around him like Chuck Smith (Smith is a whole other story) who loved and used his anointing, just not the homosexuality that came with it. I noticed in defending Lonnie you couldn't leave out the shot how he felt he was "paying the price" for what you probably believe was his homosexuality when instead it was the price for promiscuity. Why was he promiscuous? Because Lonnie believed a same-sex relationship couldn't be blessed by God. He reaped the fruit of what he was TAUGHT. 

There is a move of the Holy Spirit with calling God's gay and lesbian children to the table as they are and a moving in "straight" churches with God telling them "These are mine also." It's too late for Lonnie, but he's in Glory seeing what is happening with those of us like him and praising God."

David wrote me back when I was eating cereal:


Thanks for your perspective. There are many in the Body of Christ today who believe that God is going to move mightily in the homosexual communities. I think Meri Crouley has said this a time or two. The fact is there are actually safe and friendly environments where homosexuals do come together as a Church. Anyone visiting them can not deny the presence of the Holy Spirit that they experience while there. Evidence that God loves all of us and is not willing that anyone should perish. The Lord is not slow to fulfill His promise as some understand slowness, but is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance. 2 Peter 2:3 All of us are born into sin and are sinners in the eyes of God. As it is written: "There is no one righteous, not even one; Romans 3:10 We all, like sheep, have gone astray, each of us has turned to our own way; and the LORD has laid on him the iniquity of us all. Isaiah 53:6 Thank God for His mercy and grace! God bless you. 

David Sloane."

Now David sounds great, but I looked up "Meri Crouley" and yet again we find another "Prophetess," with a talk show no less, and who's her favorite guest? Walid Shoebat. Let me familiarize you with some quotes from Mr. Shoebat, a former Palestinian terrorist:

"The homosexual movement is the most hateful and most vile group in all of the Western world. The sodomites are supremacists; they believe that they have the superior lifestyle, a disposition and constitution more superior than the “others,” who they consider as inferior breeders. This is the ideology of sodomism."

"Sodomism is the ideology of homosexual superiority, in which the homosexuals desire to usher in — through propaganda, violence and state coercion — a utopia in which homosexuality is seen as a supreme ideal, and those who believe in the conjugal union as is affirmed and established by the Christian Faith, are viewed and treated as enemies."

"We are deliberately neglecting this ill called the sodomite and his pernicious goals, all in the name of tolerance and a feigned Christian love. Love is not about accepting everyone they are, it is often enough about purging the wicked to preserve the innocent. To outlaw the sodomite, would be to protect children whom the sodomite is pursuing to recruit for their demoniacal scheme."


I like to believe David didn't know the opinions of Walid on homosexuality, otherwise I doubt he would have brought up the show that gives him a platform for these views. Only David knows. Crouly is a different story and to have such a poisonous person, a man avoided even by other anti-gay Christians, is without excuse.

I'm sure this post is only interesting to those with a Pentecostal bent, but I try to keep my brethren in the news because nothing is ever going on with Pentecostals other than the rent. Bet you didn't know Denzel Washington and Nick Jonas were pente.