your story

If you left the church or were kicked out because what the church said or did, whatever hurt you had to go through with religion, religious individuals or religious institutions, I'd like you to use the comments section of this post to tell your story.


Unknown said...

I would like to respond to your question and thank you for this blog. I have a story for this. I was brought up in the Christian faith and my family had a Bible study every Sunday (almost). I was strongly under the impression that it was a sin to be gay. My father and stepmother and mother felt the same way. I was in agony and used to, when alone, cry and pound on my bed, begging God to make me straight. I could'nt figure out why I was and was so confused. The termoil inside was deep and, looking back, I think affected my personality subconciously. (I'm a good person though, as much as I can be like anybody else). Anyway, thank the good Lord my mother is so wonderful now and understanding and accepts my love for my partner of 23 years now whom I love and am devoted to completely. I used to be deeply hurt inside knowing I couldn't help being the way I am. It is just the way I was born and I had to hide it. I did my best to hide it all thru school but was miserable inside. The girls that would want to date me I loved but as friends and just couldn't feel for them that way, they romantic way, the way they wanted. I know most of the straight world cannot understand what it feels like to be a liar. I hid my gayness to try to fit in the world and tried to date girls but never went all the way. I was an imposter inside myself. As years went by, I kicked the Bible out of my life because I I felt it was a bunch of bullshit and NOT written by God, just inspired by God, and because it was written by men, it has mistakes. Period. Over centuries people have tweaked it to fit their own personal beliefs and they had the power to do it. God himself knows that homosexuals do not chose this (so called) lifestyle. It is not a lifestle. The word "Lifestyle" implies we are chosing to be gay. We are not. Why would anybody? Especially people born in the past throughout history. It chose us. We are born this way and God loves us. I think (think) I understand this now. But I have gone thru so much and had to turn my back on organized religion because they think they are "on God's side" when they condemn us. They think they are doing the right thing. (Many of them mind you, not all). Thank GOD that there are so many completely straight people who are more sophisticated and compassionate and love us. I am their faithful servant forever. I just want to love people. Not defend myself for what I am from people who hate me. Nor do I want to point fingers at others. Live and let live. I am now beginning to understand, barely but it will grow, and believe what God said, "Love God with all your heart and soul first. Secondly, love your neighbor as you love yourself." He didn't say, "But forget if your neighbor is gay, or a different color, or a different anything." He just said, "Love your neighbor as yourself." If we could just all do that, the world would be such a wonderful place to live in for everyone.

The_Spook said...

I used to be an atheist until the night I tried to commit suicide, which is the very night God rescued me. Depression and self harm have long been apart of my life and it wasn't until I found Jesus that I have begun to conquer these. I also have a new battle, my sexuality. I found God and love, and at first, I didn't even think about the fact that I am a lesbian as I was just so relieved to be with Him. But then I started to delve into it and the more I read, the more I just wanted to leave Him, all this after just finding out how amazing He is. I began a new course at college and one of the subjects is called Theory of Knowledge, and this inspired me to think for myself and not just swallow the first thing I read. The more investigated, the more I realised that being gay and a Christian is possible. Importantly, I found that God was backing me up, when I asked for guidance, He pointed me in the right direction. Now I am confident and comfortable in my sexuality and being a follower of Christ. I have been called, "Bound to Satan." People have turned to me and said, "That's the devil's voice you hear." All of these said "out of love". If love causes depression, then they can keep their love. The people who are more accepting of me, are those who aren't Christians. That's what I am still struggling to comprehend. Jesus told us to love one another and in my life, it's those who aren't Christians who follow Christ more.