Bible Speak

Sometimes saying words like "Speaketh" just sound right. Jesus didn't speak in the King James (a man who batted for my team) lingo, but it packs a power of authority like nobody's business. It's also great if you want to cast out snooty demons or start a King James ministry. Some Christians take it to a new level with believing the King James version is the only correct version of the Bible (see here), like it was given by automatic writing (Matthew didn't wake up from a Holy Spirit-induced sleep when he wrote his book and say; "What did I write?!"). There are thousands of Bible manuscripts that have been discovered since the King James that have flushed out the meaning of the Word in a more richer and more accurate way. The Bible isn't changed because of the manuscripts, they just authenticate it. The story, "The Good Samaritan," (Jesus used a Samaritan as the example because the Jews and the Samaritans hated each other, they were the Hatfields and McCoys of their day) doesn't change because the story of the "Good Samaritan" is the same no matter what manuscript is found. You'll never find a manuscript that'll change the Bible narrative that we have now. I also love words and terms spoken by church folk between themselves that can pack in them a whole belief system ("Interpretation of Tongues") or scenario ("Great Tribulation"). Not all of us have the same "Jesus speak" and I give away my Pentecostal leanings by using terms like, "Shekhinah Glory," and like "Blessed Mother" that will give away a Catholic. When I drop Bible Speak keywords to anti-gay Christians, they can't stand it because: 1. They know they are dealing with someone of faith and not just some lost heathen they can preach to. And 2. They get all kinds of dizzy when I use their same way of speaking to correct them (I say correct, they say scold). I use Bible language and terminology in the proper setting and this blog will not be one of them.... unless someone starts it first.

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