Rosetta Tharpe


Tanya said...

Thank-you for sharing these...
Absolutely beautiful.
Isn't it just amazing how music can express who we are on the inside?
Thank-you for your blog. I will continue to check in & follow...I love when you find people who really expose who they are. Thank-you for your honesty & for sharing your heart. Glad to have a fellow Christian who is following Jesus with a humble broken heart. God can only fix what is broken...if we were all perfect then we wouldn't need Jesus, would we?
Much love & Blessings,
Your Sister in Christ,

rottenqueerchristian said...

I'll have plenty of music, I know you'll be blessed. A large part of this blog will be to refute what I see as a error on the side of the Church in respect to homosexuality, see if you think it's in line with the Word of God, that's all that matters, that it's sticking to the Word. I'd love your feedback.

Your brother in Christ,