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Patience, like vino, is something I don't 'do' anymore when it comes to explaining my walk of faith with my homosexuality. I'm hoping the "love covers a multitude of sins" scripture will cover me like the hood of a 68' Mustang for my not being patient. As a Christian, a trait I should have plenty of (patience, not vino).
Recently I came across a gay Evangelical and sent him some encouraging words and that I was here if he ever needed to talk. He was in such turmoil because he just couldn't make peace with being gay and his faith that he deleted my comment making me dust off the sand on sandals. He made me realize that I can't make you believe God loves you even if you're gay no matter what convincing argument I throw out there or no matter how well I explain the Bible on here. If you have set in your mind your homosexuality is a stumbling block between you and God, that's where your heart will be also. I believe there are some people who are just so branded by their beliefs, so entrenched by what they were taught, they are a lost cause. I do believe God does miracles in a human heart, He is a wonder working God after all, but you have to make a conscious effort to loose the tethers around your mind so the heart can follow.


Clare Flourish said...

We persecute and restrict ourselves to avoid persecution and restriction from outside. He is convinced that he will be rejected, and thinks such rejection more painful than self-rejection: we all need community, for physical and emotional needs.

rottenqueerchristian said...

The person we're both talking about actually contacted me after this. I thought he deleted what I said when he just didn't moderate and publish my comment yet, I jumped the gun. He did say he only saw marriage in the context of being with a woman or being alone. I could tell the subject was closed to him and I didn't pursue it further.