I see gay Episcopalian blogs, queer Lutheran blogs (mi casa es su casa Rev. Dave), queer looking Lutheran blogs, even a trans Quaker (luv ya Claire) blogging away. There's no shortage of gay or gay affirming blogs that use terms like "vestments" and "liturgy." As far as I know I'm the only gay Pentecostal blogger out there, believe me I looked. We Pentecostals like to keep everything to a minimum unlike my friends above, we like clean lines. You won't find a lot of trappings at a Pentecostal Sunday service, you're lucky if you even find a cross anywhere. It's like we gave ourselves just a spoon at the buffet table of denominations, we have to have big open spaces for all the rolling around we do. We do have communion, but it happens so fast you're left wondering, "Did we just have communion? I looked away for a minute." We do have baptism in water, but it's not a pressing matter like with the Baptist who waits for you to step on the trap door to a baptismal dunking pool. The big difference is we don't make the 3rd person of the trinity a 3rd wheel, we see Him as much as a person as the Savior He spotlights. I don't say all this to point out differences, if you have accepted Christ as your Savior that's all you need to be in the family of God, I say it because I know how important it is to have someone who knows where you're coming from with knowing the set-up, gets the in's of the church they come from. So if you see a Pentecostal wandering around your gay Methodist site, send him my way, you'll be glad I took him off your hands.

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