Mystical Magical Tour

As a gay man who extols the inerrancy of the Bible, I know I'm cutting my own throat with gays who would otherwise be blessed and informed by this blog. The same fundamental beliefs in the Bible I believe in have been used against them by churches and churchy individuals who don't know which end of the Bible is up and those you have a more mystic/mystical bent towards the Bible have welcomed queers with open arms. Most self-identified Christians won't follow my blog because of my homosexuality, a sexuality they see as separating myself from God so how can I be Christian? Most who comment on my blog have come from the mystical/mystic corner and even when on their own blog they've called my beliefs ridiculous, I've never responded other than to change the subject with being gracious and kind, I don't want to debate people who I consider friends and this blog is not a tool for me to object to what you believe in. Whatever you do believe in, God Bless you. I happen to believe the Bible is the way to knowing God, in other words, I believe an absolute truth has a name and His name is Jesus and that same Bible that gives me that absolute truth, will tell me who He is and what He had to say and it's up to me if I want to believe it or not. No one likes to be told there is only one way to God, someone who says that is resented, like it's some secret only some of us get and it's to be lorded over others when salvation by Christ is anything but. If you look very closely at the various belief systems, you'll see they'll take you to very different paths than the one that's in the Bible, paths that don't seem right in an observable way. I also see Atheism has a strong foothold with queers in the blogsphere. I'm sure they see what's called an 'Ugly Christian" with all his anti-gay rhetoric and they're poisoned to the whole concept of the God of Genesis, Jesus, or anything smelling of Peter, Paul, or Mary ("I hate God because He hated me first" is the sub-conscious underpinning behind much of it). I don't believe in chance. If you found this blog, I believe there was a reason, whoever you are. I pray this place helps you in some small way.