Cabinettas of Curios

Q. Who are you?

A. I'm a Pentecostal Christian, a Blogger from Los Angeles in a relationship, I have no middle name, I can fence (poorly), I like dipping sauces (greatly), most of the time have face stubble, but still come off as clean-cut, All the parents of boys I dated loved me, I have a small birthmark on my earlobe, believes in the Rapture, runs in the dead of night even when it rains.

Q. Why did you name your blog "ROTTENQUEERCHRISTIAN?"

A. I believe we are all in a fallen state because of Adam, that no one is good, we are all rotten, yeah, including you. The word 'Gay' is soppy and doesn' t fit in any aspect of my persona. Christian because I'm a follower of "The Way."

Q. What reason did you start this blog?

A. I couldn't find a web resource to counter anti-gay theological arguments from a 'Bible as inerrant' (my personal belief) viewpoint, so I started this. I also want to personalize it to my likes and interests in-between.

Q. What responses have you received?

A. Mixed. I've been called a "reprobate" and "A law unto myself." Other Christians have said they understand what I'm doing and even though they don't agree that homosexuality is not sin, they love this real conviction I have. Gays, Christian and non-believer, read my blog (I know what sources they come from), but strangely are silent with saying anything to me on here or anywhere else I start a dialogue on the net.

Q. What do you hope to accomplish with this blog?

A. To bring even one person to the knowledge of Salvation through Jesus Christ or to bring someone back to their faith because of what the church has done to them.

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