Meca Macadamia

Russ complains when I eat all the cashews in the mixed nuts jars he gets and I leave him only the peanuts. I told him why doesn't he get a jar that doesn't have peanuts, and only have other nuts like walnuts and Brazil nuts (a nut I've never seen outside of nut jars or Dr. Cow's Cashew-Brazil Cheese) with cashews. So he goes to get the new nut jar he just bought and all the cashews are gone and all he has are walnuts and Brazil nuts, he comes up to me and says; "You ate all the cashews again." I told him; "I thought it was only the peanuts you had a problem with." Now Russ is smart, and knows that the only nut I like better than cashew nuts are pistachios, so he buys a jar of mixed nut that has pistachios, cashews and a nut called a filbert that I wouldn't eat if you paid me. So this last time he goes to get nuts and all the cashews AND pistachios are gone and all he has are filberts that Russ wouldn't eat if you paid him.

I bring this up now because I'm eating all the cashews out of the latest jar of nuts he just got typing this with one finger because I can't type with two fingers and eat cashews at the same time.

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