Refute to Gagnon's Adam and Eve fixation


"He (Gagnon) seems, in particular, to be fixated on Genesis as if it were more than it is; in the document in question, he expands on Jesus' regard for this passage as applying essentially to monogamy and anti-homosexuality, and passes lightly over the real matter Jesus was addressing: divorce. (Gagnon elsewhere actually defends divorce and remarriage in a particularly twisted fashion).

He is also mistaken on slavery in the OT. He claims among other things that it was not mandated or related to the creation, and is wrong on both counts: Lev 25:44ff for example is a clear mandate (and the Rabbis accepted it as such (see Gittin 38b), and God created Adam as his "eved" -- his slave. The whole story of salvation is tied up with God's recovery of "his people" who are to serve him and no one else, for their entire lives. Jesus appears in the lowliest position "as a slave" in order to bring salvation. Slavery is more closely related to the creation/salvation account than sexuality is."

That's just for starters. As few outside Gagnon's circle of admirers take him seriously."

 - Tobias Holler BSG.