Ron Goetz

I sometimes get accused of reading the Bible on homosexuality through the eyes of someone who wants to justify his own homosexuality, Ron Goetz who started a blog called Bible-Thumping Liberal is accused of the same because he has a young gay son. The thing with that, truthfully, is that I don't think I would have searched the Scriptures so intensely if I wasn't gay and Ron will tell you the same if his own child didn't come out to him, unlike a Bruce L. Gerig who did his own search because the condemnation of two loving homosexuals just didn't sit well in his spirit. Don't fault us because we didn't just accept what was told to us from a pulpit on an issue that would turn out to be so close to us, we had no choice but to look ourselves because the stakes were too high, my own soul and the soul of Ron's son.

Ron and I have had a disagreement on the place of the Apostle Paul in our lives as Christians and like with those who I love, but won't sever themselves from teaching the Old Testament is somehow still on us, the fellowship will never be there. I believe in Paul and I believe what he said when he said ALL that was before Christ is dead to us, all but one, loving your neighbor as yourself.


Tiffany said...

God Bless you, my brother. We are very much like minded. Good to know there are people out there that believe what you believe. I'm also a Gay Christian (Lesbian) and I believe I am under the New Covenant only, and not the Old. I am also a big advocator of flesh vs. spirit, spirit being what we live according to in the New, and NOT living according to our flesh (earthly nature, body, bodily distinctions of race, gender, etc).

rottenqueerchristian said...

Thank you. I take to heart when Paul said that the old covenant is dead to us, he didn't just suggest it.