in a nutshell

Sodom had nothing to do with homosexuals other than to have a side note about rape that broke the ancient code of hospitality. Leviticus was only for the bloodline of Jacob while they were among the Canaanites. Paul says it over and over again that Leviticus are dead laws to us who are under a new covenant. Romans is about idolatry (tip-off: Paul deliberately paraphrasing chapter 14 (the 'idolatry' part) of the book "The Wisdom of Solomon" in Romans chapter 1) and verse 23 confirms it. You don't have to go outside of the Bible narrative to understand what "effeminate" (Malakoi) means in 1 Cor 6:9 when Jesus uses the same word to indict the character of the rich for their extravagance with clothing in Matt 11:8. And even if the word (Arsenokoitai) translated in 1 Cor 6: 9,10 and 1 Tim 1: 9,10 as "homosexuals" is a compound word from Leviticus, Leviticus is only talking about one, specific, sexual act (according to the writings of the ancient Israelites who existed in those laws) and puts it in the context of the idolatrous homosexuality of the Canaanites in verse 21 and ignores female homosexuality altogether. 

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