I was contemplating of moving my blog to Patheos.com. Then I went and checked out the blogs on the site. How many more personal interpretations of the prodigal son and stories of; "How God showed me to be more loving to my fellow man in the act of my son scraping his knee" can there be? I've never been a mushy Christian, so if a stay at home mom who just found the Lord thinks she'll get Christian 'nuggets' of feel-good posts on my patheos blog, she'll be disappointed and move on to the other 84% of the other blogs that will give her that. To me, posts like that reduce God into feel-good spiritual 'bumps' to keep you going, like God is trying to keep a balloon (you) in the air with tapping it before it hits the floor. Part of this blog is my anonymity (as far as you know I could either be a saintly sommelier or a dis-graced Theologian), over at patheos I don't think you can have a blog unless you have a book-like bio and a personal pic of you smiling like God dropped a safe of cash in front of you, that's not me.

So I think I'll stay here for the two or three people here who might find some edification that God isn't giving you the stink eye for being gay.