2 Chicken Thigh Meal

Remember my initial Centurian post? It all started with an anti-gay blog (these type of personal hate of the LGBTQ with the Bible blogs are all boring as spit) and his twisting to make the Centurion's story void of any homosexual element. I challenged him on his blog about that. Now I find out the author of the blog attacked me personally with his own follow-up post much later with what might be deeper issues with him (one of his favorite blogs is; "How to come to terms with my inner sissy boy"). He doesn't respond to my Centurion post I did here with answering him, but what I wrote on his blog ages ago he selectively edited and moved to a new post hoping people won't bother with our initial exchange. This is the original exchange without the editing. His only real refute was falsely claiming I lied on what Gagnon said in is book about the Centurion story and he's since been proven wrong, ironically, by one of his blog followers who wrote me. The only reason I go the extra mile with this is because when you Google my blog name, this twits blog pops up right after.

Anne Rice the author left Christianity because she said she couldn't take the nastiness and bigotry she saw from most Christians and she hightailed it out of Salvation. This thing of Christians coming off like Fun House monsters is getting tired.