Guest Blogger Tanya

I can't say enough about Tanya who my Saviour was kind enough to bring into my life in His perfect timing. I read a blog post of a man who was less than kind when it came to having the love of Christ for homosexuals. Out of the choruses of agreements it was one poster who asked him to show charity where there was lacking in this man's heart, the poster's name was Tanya. I sent an e-mail, not to the author of the blog, but to Tanya over at her blog "The Brown Bunch" thanking her for the small kindness she showed with what she wrote, we've been friends ever since. I'm privileged to have a guest post from this most gracious of women.

I am new to Church. I am new to Christ. I am sure that there are many mature Christians who would love the opportunity to lovingly shake me and say "WAKE UP, the Bible tells us that homosexuality is SIN!" I don't read the same message in the bible that those well meaning "God Fearing Christians" read. I read a Bible that tells me that I was once a massive, ignorant SINNER and that so is EVERYONE else. I read about the LOVE and the amazing plan that was put in place to SAVE us ALL from our sinful ways. I read about REDEMPTION! I read about GRACE.

A GRACE that is BIGGER than ANYTHING we can EVER imagine. I read about a WILD, SCANDALOUS LOVE, that ONE MAN has for us ALL! Is this the same message of the gospel that you read? I can't even begin to tell you, how unworthy that kind of LOVE makes me feel. YOU DIED FOR ME? YOU DID THAT FOR ME? There's NOTHING that I could EVER do to DESERVE that. It is a GIFT that is so GRACIOUSLY given, for FREE to EVERYONE who will listen and BELIEVE. This gift alone is enough for me to walk humbly with Jesus. He is teaching me about LOVE and how BIG and WIDE and DEEP that LOVE is.

I have been reading a very poignant blog, I would love for my readers to have the opportunity to see things from the writers point of view. That you would be brave and be open to his very brave message. I believe that humanity is filled with good intentions. I believe that some things have been indoctrinated into our belief systems and whether we believe these things or not, has absolutely NO baring on the LOVE that God has for us ALL. I believe that these beliefs can hinder so many from hearing about the AMAZING LOVE that God has for ALL of His children. I believe that EVERY man, woman and child is entitled to the LOVE that Jesus has poured out for ALL. How on earth can the "good news" of the gospel be shared if we bring the news in judgement and not in love? How can we share our own salvation with others, if all we share is the crystal clean version of who we are? The reality is that our lives are MESSY and GRIMY and PAINFUL and COMPLICATED, isn't this why we ALL NEED a SAVIOR?


But most of all,