How a straight Christian should approach a homosexual

It should go something along the lines like this:

"I was always taught to believe homosexuality was wrong because of what the Bible says. I'll be honest in saying that because it personally doesn't affect me, I haven't looked closely at how some Scriptures have been interpreted in the way they have. If you believe the Bible or not I'm still obligated to love you as myself because Jesus commanded me to. I can't deny you marriage because I won't deny it for myself. I won't defame you with using terms like "lifestyle" or "agenda" or use words to demean you because it's un-Christ like for me to speak to you that way, again, that's not loving you as myself. The truth is the Church has gone way overboard with homosexuality and it should repent of that. I know I don't have such a strong reaction to someone who's divorced or living a life God wouldn't be happy with, so maybe I do have a bias I'm not facing. I want to be like my Savior more and more everyday and that can only happen if I repent of how I've been with this."