I just got off another Bible/homosexuality debate (see it as daddy going off to war, but you know he'll be back (to his blog) eventually). I swear, my soul is sapped when I get off of one of these, it's like my life force is sucked out of me through the mouth. Now keep in mind I'm debating other "Christians" so you have to ask yourself; "What's wrong with this picture?"

Some of these people are just plain deceivers when it comes to the Gospel and homosexuality (Pastors, web preachers, Theologians, Church leaders in some capacity), debating them ends with them insulting me and the Bible is given very little attention from their part after they finish quoting all the clobber passages. Those I dread when I wake up in the morning to think of what they wrote back. Others are just sheep who don't want to hear what I say because it means they have to do some actual work in finding out what the Bible really says to see if I'm right instead of just going by what they were told and being lazy. Those are in the majority. One woman wrote me a very impassioned response with saying she didn't dis-like me and she hopes I have a happy life, but she just didn't agree with homosexuality because of her Bible belief. When I wrote her back in an equally impassioned way, all the kindness melted away with her second response and she went to the old lines of saying I live a "Lifestyle" and parroting other anti-gay talking points. That showed her true colors after she gave up the gig of trying to come off as a "Compassionate Christian." One guy was like I was debating a robot, no emotion, just a cold systematic issue with homosexuality (I kept looking under my bed when he and I came to blows because he came off like the boogeyman).

Now some will ask me why I bother with putting myself in the line of fire of these boobs? I do it because if I don't give a counter-point to theirs, people will think their IS no counter-point. No Angel is going to float into a room and tell them; "You need to cut it out with reading into Scripture with what's your own hang-up on homosexuality and go make some kind of pie for a soup kitchen." These folks won't go help their elderly neighbor who has no one in the world to be with them, but they'll sure spend all day typing away on their keyboard telling me God hates my sin. These people are a tangible example of the Bible talking about those who are so deep in darkness, they see the darkness as light. And It's never just one I debate, it's always a slew at a time or if I finish with one, another takes his place like some kind of Satanic whack-a-mole game.


Anonymous said...

As we learn to love those who oppose us, I think we are find the Source that goes beyond judgement or fear. In that Source we are all joined as equals, free to think and act in accordance with our guidance. I wish sometimes when someone tries to judge me, they would look within and ask, would I judge myself in this way. Enjoyed this post!

Tanya said...

Always love reading about your journey, my favorite line "And It's never just one I debate, it's always a slew at a time or if I finish with one, another takes his place like some kind of Satanic whack-a-mole game." Thought provoking as usual, I wouldn't expect anything less!
Thank-you for your insight, it helps me in my own journey to grow in my understanding of God's many facets of love!

Peace & Love,