Cult of Lance Armstrong?

Sometimes I check to see where my blog traffic is coming from. One source comes from this blog that wants to spotlight the heresy of 'Armstrongism,' Whatever THAT is, but my question is how my blog ended up on their site along side blogs named "leave it lay where Jesus flang it" and "Whiskey Preacher?"

Think my blog name is too harsh? Some of my critics are in the habit of calling me "rotten queer" and leaving out the 'Christian' part. I like to think it's unintentional.

Enjoy some gospel for a wednesday morning.


Jason said...

It's the toxic fundamentalist cult of the late Herbert Armstrong (and its hundreds of splinters) being referred to. I guess the guy who runs that blog, an escapee of Armstrongism, follows your blog because of the christian factor.

rottenqueerchristian said...

...and God bless him for it. My site has popped up on everything from a "vampire fan" site to a blog all in Russian.