gay lite with half the calories

A few years back I got into it with a blogger for the Assemblies Of God church over the issue of gay Christians with the group Soulforce that were being booted off Christian school campuses. Out of the blue the blogger brought up a man's story who identified as an "ex-gay" and how he was "delivered" from homosexuality.

Now I've come across people like this before and at one time I was even a frequent poster at I told the AoG blogger that if you look closely at the stories (like with the man he brought up) of these 'ex-gays,' you find a pattern of same-sex sexual abuse, forced same-sex prostitution and just horrible same-sex sexual experiences that led them to want to leave homosexuality. I questioned if many of these people were really even gay and by getting out of these damaging circumstances and getting over these traumas related to homosexuality, they went back to their true nature of heterosexuality (I don't see many heterosexual men and women running from being straight just because they've had bad opposite-sex experiences).

The big 3 who toot this "gays can change" line for the self loathing are Narth, considered the largest 'medical' organization touting the ex-gay myth with mental health quakes held over from the era when homosexuality was considered a mental disorder. Exodus International, the largest umbrella group for ex-gay ministries across the nation who's founder ran off with another man and renounced the organization and topping off the unholy ex-gay trinity is PFOX (a slap in the face to the friends and families gay affirming group PLAG), a group with a persecution complex who's president is a mother who resents her son being gay so much, she makes it her life mission to tell other parents it's O.K. if you don't accept your child's homosexuality and still love Jesus.

If you follow the money trails with these organizations you'll find they are funded by rabid anti-gay conservative groups like Focus on the Family who parade these supposed ex-gays out in the public to say; "See?! You aren't born gay and here's the proof. Now dance like a monkey for us you ex-gay freaks so everyone can see you!"

Recently it was big news when Exodus International reversed it's stance on gays "changing" that sent a blow to the whole ex-gay circus that followed various scandals of ex-gay leadership who couldn't stay on the opposite-sex love bandwagon and ex-gay groups getting caught twisting scientific data for their own agenda. Even my favorite anti-gay theologian Robert Gagnon got in on the fray when he wrote that the president of Exodus International, Alan Chambers, step down (Gagnon's over the top piping made many realize what I've said all along, the man is unbalanced (read; Loopy) when it comes to the issue of homosexuality) that forced Exodus to give a public response.

In a way I feel sorry for these rare birds called "ex-gays." To me they are the walking damaged who believe that for God to love them, they have to hate a part of themselves that can love another.



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What's interesting is that Narth itself says they have only a 30% success rate and even that is questionable because they do no follow-ups on their patients.