Sunshine Screamers

Kathy Baldock, who I posted about previously did a great post about street evangelists. I usually don't post a second time on what I've already linked, but it's relevant during this gay pride month to hear what she says about these street preachers who you will find at most outside gay venues.

I remember when the Chick-fil-A debacle happened and Christians claiming to be 'persecuted' for what they believed supported the place in droves as an issue of freedom of religion and speech instead of seeing it for what it really was, as an organization that gives financial support to anti-gay marriage groups. There was no example of loving your neighbor as yourself as much as it was a "Let's stick it to the gays" (the real thrust behind the Chick-fil-A support). Some Christians went to the protest demonstrations outside the restaurants knowing their presense there would turn into not too pretty confrontations with gays and thier supporters. These same Christians would then post all over Youtube the clashes they had with these protesting gays with; "See how gays are bullies and hate the Gospel?" Instead of admitting they went with the intent of adding fuel to the fire with baiting gays to react, the way ANYONE would react. What a sneaky low blow. Don't ask me what this has to do with street preachers because I haven't a clue why I went here.

Street preachers (Not the screaming ones. I have yet to hear of a testimony where someone says' "I was saved by someone screaming at me on a street corner for my immorality") really believe they are taking the high road with talking personally to homosexuals on the street with what they think is a message of love, but if a message is bad, it doesn't matter if you say it from a bullhorn on the street corner or in a quiet voice one-on-one. When dealing with unbelievers, gay or straight, you have to be led by the Holy Spirit with a correct message otherwise it's a message that will fall on deaf ears. When that happens confusion and anger reign and God is in no part in it. I spoke with street preacher Steve Sanchez that Mrs. Baldock dealt with on his blog and it was going well until he realized:

A. I was a homosexual who did believe the Gospel.
B. I was reaching out to him in loving kindness with pointing out his error instead of giving him the reactionary response he was expecting.
C. He wasn't looking very 'right' in our discussion.

Next thing I know, he deleted all my posting and I was left saying; "What just happened?"
Instead of taking what I said as food for thought, he just didn't want to hear it anymore because he's been doing what he's been doing for so long, he believes he CAN'T be wrong. You shouldn't take pride in throwing the Gospel in the face of others like it was a pail of ice water. The moving of the Holy Spirit on the heart is what brings conviction to Salvation, not arguments bringing shame and condemnation.

The saying; "Hell is paved with good intentions" really hits the mark with street preachers who's heart are the right place, but not knowing a knowing God is sitting this one out.