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On this blog I have lack of challenges with what I present on homosexuality and the Bible. If I present an argument, I expect for you to give me an answer to that argument point by point and just telling me I'm "wrong" on your own blog or giving me a link is not an answer. I've been posting a lot on YouTube lately and I'd like to address some of the anti-gay points brought up by some of the most influential Christians on the scene. I'm not afraid to answer tough questions or give counter points even from these "Super Christians" because it's the Word of God that guides me. I am nothing in the world when it comes to these great men in Christendom, but I take my queue from God saying he will use the stupid and not the wise. Paul said to have a defense for your faith and I am all too happy to lay out that defense.

Ravi Zacharias is considered on of the greatest Christian apologist of our time. I give my answer
below the video I either posted in YouTube comments or for the first time here.

Sorry, but if Ravi really believes the majority who call Christ Savior are only concerned about homosexuality because they see "sexuality as sacred," He doesn't know most 'Christians' who are on their 3rd divorce, see sex as only masturbation fodder and have no problem with a Las Vegas wedding. If Ravi also thinks "race as sacred" was always a held belief, maybe he missed the episode of American history when God-fearing men had slaves.

A few other points...

Ravi's premise is faulty from the start when he states homosexuality is an aberration, according to who? Bigoted dispositions of Bible translators and church tradition? It's not from Scripture because you can not find homosexuality outside the contexts of rape (Sodom), idolatry (Leviticus, Romans) or exploitation (1 Cor, Tim). Take homosexuality out of these contexts and you find nothing that speaks in the negative on the homosexual condition, zilch. If the Bible speaks nothing on homosexuality in and of itself, neither should we. If Christ speaks nothing in the negative on the condition of homosexuality, neither should we. You can actually see how Bible translations have evolved over time to become more and more bigoted with homosexuality especially with 1 Corinthians 6:9.

Ravi said God complimented Adam with woman (the actual Scripture says "mate," God just happened to make a woman first) and put only in her what can cope with a man? In reality you can not find two more foreign beings who are always attempting to understand each other. Take away the sexual desire a man has for a woman and I doubt one would prefer to be with the opposite sex instead of the same sex for company in a room. If there is anything called "complimentary" with one human with another it's with the same sex with common understandings, common dispositions and a slew of other commonalities across the board.

He says gays can be gays in disposition, they just shouldn't act on it and he brings up some writer who he thinks we should all have heard of. This man is asking gays to put on a yoke he would ask of no one else who desires the companionship of another human being. Giving gays a burden that God never asked for or required. Since he brings up his author friend, let me bring up one of my own in contrast. William Stringfellow was a brilliant lawyer and Harvard graduate who gave up his career to defend poor blacks in the courts by the call of God in the 60's and lived in the slums of Harlem with the people he defended. Stringfellow's writings on the Apostle Paul's statement of "Principalities and Powers" is considered the best on the subject in theological circles. Stringfellow was a gay man who lived with his lover during this time. He was no less of a Christian and no less a man of God than Ravi's celibate friend, yet Ravi will only see one as righteous.

What I do find interesting is that he believes you can be gay (just not practicing) and a Christian. I don't think he realizes how that wouldn't fly with most of his brethren. He seems to not know that many churches affirm practicing gays (Church of Christ, Presbyterian) so he doesn't have to worry about gays being in churches and places he hangs out at.

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