Albert Mohler

Mohler, like Michael Brown, is a conspiracy nut with believing all gays are a cabal secretly follow the book; "After the Ball..." (I write about the book on Brown's post). Like before, I'll post what an anti-gay proponent with the Bible has to say and my response below. This one was cut short because listening to Mohler was downright painful and I had to keep picking my jaw up off the floor.

*The posters of this video keep on taking it down and re-posting it to keep from me linking to it. It's like a little game with them because I always leave a link back to here in their comment section of the video and apparently they don't want others to read what I have to say. It isn't even that much.*

Mohler is giving 10% of the Word and 90% his opinion. What shows God's Glory between man and God is a man dying to self, the old sinful man that Paul says we are always struggling with inside, we become less so God can be more. What shows God's Glory on Earth is loving our neighbor as ourselves, the sum of all the Laws and the Prophets, what will tell the world we are the people of God. This hackneyed theology of Mohler saying opposite sexes coming together is showing God's Glory with it being a right order is crocked. Even unbelievers and the haters of God who do all forms of wickedness are in opposite sex relationship, are they a display of God's Glory in the right order? A dog chewing a bone does not show God's Glory any more than me eating artery clogging chili cheese fries, it just is.

Mohler is showing his ignorance of Bible translation with his use of the word "dominion" over animals from Genesis. The correct translation from the Hebrew is "stewardship," a caring for animals like a Shepard over his sheep and not this dominant control from the incorrect translation from the Greek we get the iron-fisted word "dominion" from. By the way, this is another example of a whole Bible belief being wrong because of a mistranslation over just one word and the error of it, carried over by the writings of the early church fathers, that became doctrine. Now you see it's not so much of a stretch the same can be done with homosexuality and the Bible with translators who saw homosexuality from the perspective of their day and the prejudicial opinions of church fathers in their writings that influenced the translators.

We need completion with a mate? Maybe Mohler missed the part where everyone from John the Baptist to Christ to Paul were celibate with Paul encouraging it over marriage. What completes us is  being in Christ (Colossians 2:10). James 1:3,3 says; "...testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.
This Bizarre theology of completeness with a mate comes from anti-gay scholar Robert Gagnon who himself got it from the Greek pagan Aristophanes.

Mohler says everything we know about life comes from marriage, a non-negotiable covenant. What?! Did Abraham have a non-negotiable marriage covenant with Hagar over Sarah? Did Solomon have one with his seven hundred wives? What about King David and his numerous concubines who weren't his wives?
I stopped listening at the 13 minute mark because this is ridiculous. He's starting off this way? I later tried again to the 18 minute mark and couldn't even make it past THAT.

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