Charisma's Folly

I think one of the biggest obstacles to reaching Christians to change their mind about homosexuality and the Bible is because of the place they are coming from right out the gate. Instead of listening to me with what I have to say with what I explain with Scripture, AS explaining Scripture to them, they see it as; "How is this homosexual going to try to make a case for himself and other homosexuals that's NEVER going to cut it with me?" If you start off seeing me as that, ANYTHING I say will fall on deaf ears because they'll just see it as an interesting thing I have to say and nothing that should change their minds.

Charisma is an on-line magazine geared to the charismatic community. I saw a challenge by this twit with questions he posed to a gay Christian, any gay Christian, he wanted to get answers from. I met that challenge and the Charisma moderators deleted my comment not once, but twice. These are the questions posed by Brown and my answers before they were deleted because they really never expected or wanted a response.

As an actual gay Christian, I'd like to answer Michael's challenge.

"1. Are you 100 percent sure that your interpretation of Scripture regarding homosexuality is correct?"


You come across a few gay Christians in leadership positions and you believe from those encounters, we are all 'iffy' on the Bible and homosexuality debate with where we stand. I'm so confident in my belief, I've made it a duty to hear all the argument, including yours Michael, of leaders in the 'anti-gay because of the Bible' side of the debate (Albert Mohler, James White, Ravi Zacharias and even your 'Grand Leader' Robert Gagnon) to see just how solid they are with what they had to present. Let's just say I was floored at what these men try to pass off as coming from Scripture.

Now let me turn it around and ask you the same question. Are you 100% sure that your interpretation of Scripture regarding homosexuality is correct?"
Are you so confident the Bible condemns in one large stroke every practicing gay man and woman with the Bible giving nothing in the negative on homosexuality outside the contexts of the Sodom attempted rape, idolatry and the exploitive terminology used in 1 Corinthians and 1 Timothy? I know my exegesis is spot, prove me wrong. If you believe I am deceived with my own willful justification, excuse, in that deception, understand only my soul will suffer and I will quote that defense for how I believe before the very Throne of God in confidence, but if YOU are wrong, the blood of all gays you have offended against Christ will be on your head including the gentlemen I name above and all those who use the Bible in an inflammatory way against homosexuals. Want to take that gamble because of a few Scriptures totaling 6 altogether, taken out of their Biblical context, having gone through interpretation after interpretation from interpreters who were not inspired?

By the way Michael, you give yourself away with saying "I'll pray for you" if a Christian doesn't agree with your Bible interpretation on homosexuality and it shows you really aren't here to listen with truly open ears.

"2. Do your beliefs start with certainty about the authority of Scripture, or do they start with certainty about your “sexual orientation”?

Always the Word of God and only the Words of the inspired Word of God matters, NOTHING ELSE. The irony is that I give more authority to Scripture than most Christians because I actually searched them like a Berean and not just blindly followed what was told to me by Pastors, church leaders or Christian groups who have no love or mercy for homosexuals and have no interest with going deeper into the Bible with what is an eternal life or eternal question with gay men and women. Know without one hint of doubt what you speak as speaking for the Living God.

3. What do you say to those people who are genuinely ex-gay or to those who are still same-sex attracted but have chosen to separate themselves to the Lord unless He changes them?

I've know "ex-gays." A common thread with them is the horrific same-sex experiences they have had with everything from molestation to same sex prostitution that lead them into deep addictions. I question if many of these people were even gay. Once these people are healed from these same-sex traumas and are delivered from their addictions they go back to their true orientation. Most blame homosexuality instead of blaming what was the true cause of their descent, what was sexually done to them by others. If others have separated themselves for the Kingdom with not having a same-sex relationship, fine, but do it for that reason and not because of the fear of going to Hell because you believe Scripture prohibits homosexuality even in a monogamous relationship dedicated to the Lord.

4. If you were convinced that God opposed all forms of homosexual practice, would you follow Him anyway?

Yes. I care about my soul and where I will spend eternity too much to be swayed by any personal desire. I came to this years ago with an open heart to go by what I found, I found my answer and the fruits of my life are a testimony to that.

You end your article with a question Michael and I'll end this with a question. Are any of you really open to change your mind on the Bible's view of homosexuality if a clear case was layed out before you? Can it revise your current opinion with what you were always lead to believe? Or would you put on blinders, dig your heels in the sand and continue to believe as you do because it is something that you cling to so strongly you've made your living off of it? Search your soul, because Christ will.