Hate in the Name of Christ

I prayed on if I should make this post. I always believed anti-gay theology would grow an ugly fruit that Christians could no longer deny because of it being the Doctrine of Demons that it is. This is it's fruition, it's ugly flower in full bloom. I couldn't call myself a Christian if I turned my back on the horrors done in the Name of my God.


turtlejeeps said...

When I see stuff like this it makes me wonder how churches let certifiable people into leadership roles. It's a shame that American Christians would use their influences to stir up violence and radicalism, let alone in a country that they do not live in. Calling it irresponsible and cowardly is an understatement. We can't push our "Biblical" agenda here so let's go to a place where people are impressionable, less educated, and uninformed on issues and we will "enlighten" them. These people are delusional pretentious bigots, and they have blood on their hands.

rottenqueerchristian said...

Scott Lively, the one who's saying in the video; "gays do not benefit the society," is fighting off attempts of being prosecuted for "Crimes Against Humanity" charges.