Rev. Joseph Adam Pearson, Ph.D.

What I love about Pearson is that he's a Bible thumper's thumper, a real conservative and hard liner with the Word of God, he just happens to believe the Bible doesn't condemn homosexuality.
His book on-line.

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Dr. Joseph Adam Pearson said...


Thanks for your endorsement! The following is important for me to add for your readers.

The pdf e-book of "Christianity and Homosexuality Reconciled" will always be available FOR FREE at

The new paperback version is available FOR PURCHASE on amazon at

The free format ensures availability of information on the topic globally without personal gain. The paperback format ensures availability for people who are not accustomed to using the internet, for gift purposes, and for study purposes for those who like to have a hard copy in hand when reading. The paperback format is also offered without personal gain because all proceeds go to Branch Campuses of Christ Evangelical Bible Institute in India, Tanzania, and the Philippines.

Much love in Christ,