Kevin DeYoung

Spending my time refuting the dragon Gagnon, I tend to miss the younger serpents that slip through the cracks. Though DeYoung (a younger and prettier Gagnon) has been around for a while, for some reason it's only now he's gotten my attention.

Listening to DeYoung speak in a video really surprised me with what were elementary arguments (Sodom was destroyed because of homosexuality, etc.) I didn't see as anyway challenging.

Like Brown's 9 questions, DeYoung goes the umpteenth mile with coming up with 40. Thankfully John Shore does an excellent job with them so I didn't have to (a gay Christian also knocks out answers to the 40).

This is a response in the comment forum of yet another blogger who answered the challenge, worth repeating, about what DeYoung tried to accomplish with his 40 questions:

"I think Kevin DeYoung is quickly going to get tired of seeing all of these "40 Answers" blogs - for one simple reason: when he posed his asinine list of questions, he thought he was asking tough questions we wouldn't be able to answer in some sort of "Ha, GOTCHA!" fashion that has become the favorite weapon in the heterosexist arsenal of late.

It's a pretty impotent weapon. Unfortunately, I think when he asked these questions, he wasn't really interested in getting answers (also my claim with Brown). So on HIM, this is casting pearls before swine. However, I'm glad you're saying these things because others who follow his line of bilge might see posts like this one and begin to open their minds and hearts a bit."

If anyone wants to bring any of DeYoung's arguments, please be my guest. I doubt that will happen though as I've refuted what he's had to say came from better apologists.