Daniel in the Lion's Den

I add Daniel Kirk's name to the list of scholars who can't find a prohibition on homosexuality with the Bible. His name is especially relevant because he stated this as a professor at an Evangelical college and was just fired for it. Now if it were reversed and Daniel came out against LGBT in a liberal college, Christians would be saying it's Christian persecution and he was fired for his faith with the truth he found in the Bible. I guess F. F. Bruce was right.

He just debated Gagnon by the way and they said he did pretty good fighting his way through Gagnon's muck.


Frankie Smith said...

With all respect to Mr. Kirk, I could only get part way into it and I had to turn it off. It's pure garbage. He doesn't make any of the arguments being made on this forum. In the very beginning, he even mentions that in 1 Cor. 6:9 and 1 Tim. 1:10 does indeed refer to homosexuals (generally). I skipped to the end and tried to get through their back and forth. Gagnon was saying the same crap he always says, this dude was simply going on saying how we just need to love the lgbtq community. Neither James White, nor Michael Brown, nor Robert Gagnon EVER go up against anyone who will bring the hot fire that NEEDS to be brought. They always bring up some timid, weakling who want to prattle on about "how much we just need to love the gay community". They need to let me debate one of these guys. Or Frank Cadmus. LGBTQ people have left and are leaving the church in droves because of this. People are committing suicide, and in other places of the world being LITERALLY stoned and hung because of this. Someone needs to go up against these guys who isn't afraid to bring it hard. I'm sorry for being so passionate but how long is this to go on? And these fundees always bring the weakest debaters. I mean I love Matthew Vines, but Matthew Vines is a sheep, these people are like wolves. You need a lion. Same with Justin Lee. When he went up against James White, it wasn't even a debate! Do these people intentionally go after people who don't know how to handle themselves in a debate???

rottenqueerchristian said...

Wow brother! I respect the fire in your gut. I wish there are more men and women with such conviction to bring it down on their heads with this Doctrine of Devils they try to peddle as coming from Scripture.

I haven't heard the debate myself and I'm going off what Kirk's colleague Brandan Robertson said about it.

And I've always said what you stated, we need someone just as voracious and an Alpha dog to rip them a new one, but two things I've observed.

One is that those on our side just aren't the nasty bullies they are. They are beautiful and peaceful souls who just aren't fighters, but while they avoid being confrontational with what's within their nature, gay people are dying spiritually and physically and someone like you or myself really needs to step up with blunt force and know how do dance a debate. People like us aren't like the beloved Disciple John, we are the Simon Peters who cut off the ear of the Guard in Gethsemane protecting our Lord, it's our nature for Christ.

The second point is that our side has it right with it all being about love, but to our opponents it's looks like pleading to love is all we have without talking about hard Scripture and in most cases they're right with these debates.

Keep up the good fight my brother, this isn't over yet.

In Christ,

Frank Cadmus

Frankie Smith said...

Thank you for understanding my response. Hahaha. Some of our bretheren are put off by the stay and fight approach. James white posted a response to the Gagnon/Kirk debate on youtube. I don't care for any of these guys but James White is considerably distinct from the other two. The others lie into bend the truth, but he goes farther than this and is completely arrogant and pious in his views and uses coded language to through under-the-radar insults. Like when he talk about Matthew Vines' "frailing hands". I want to knock him down the most. Hahaha. But I do believe in my heart that the Word will vendicate us in the end. Even White admitted in the beginning of that 5 hours responce to Matthew Vines that their side is losing, and last I checked, God never loses.

rottenqueerchristian said...

We are heading into the stretch right now in Bible history and a stay and fight approach is what we need now.

It doesn't surprise me White would chirp his opinion on the debate, the man feels a need to comment even on an opening of a Bible book store. It's funny he admits his side is losing when Gagnon admits he's the minority with Bible scholars now. It just shows you can't keep a good Scripture down because the truth will come out sooner or later.

Frankie Smith said...

Oh and btw, please excuse my typos. I've been dictating this all from my smartphone.

rottenqueerchristian said...

No worries. I go crazy with commas in a sentence like they're cupcake sprinkles I can't get enough of.