Dark Vision

If anything was a testament I'm on the right track with pointing out anti-gay "Christians" and their crusade against gays they claim not to have, it's the case with the charitable organization; "World Vision."

World Vision was a Christian based organization that helped the poor and hungry across the world as a Christian-based type of Red Cross. It's not an exaggeration that this group was the face of Christians putting their faith in action with the Gospel in Jesus saying; "Did you feed the hungry? Did you clothe the poor? Because if you do it to the least of these, you do it to Me." It's the largest charitable Christian organization in the world.

Now they started to realize there was no reason to exclude gays as many in their organization were gay. The public part was they said a gay Christian working for them could have a partner and that being gay didn't stop you from doing the work of God.

You thought the gates of Hell opened with this public announcement by WV.

It started with Franklin Graham (a little on greedy Franklin) saying WV "doesn't believe in the Bible" with the "ungodly" decision making him sick in the stomach. The same Franklin who called on all Christians to boycott my bank because of this commercial that featured a real life gay couple and their deaf daughter. This commercial, according to Franklin, was too much in hating of a loving God. He told all Christians to boycott the bank, including pulling the money from his own multi-million dollar organization from Wells.

(Franklin's decision ended up biting him back when he put his money in a different bank that was just as gay friendly as Wells Fargo if not more so. His "new" bank sponsored a gay pride parade and made a make-shift wedding chapel in one of their bank branches for the specific purpose of marrying gay couples).

Next thing to happen was Christian after Christian goose stepped like dumb birds (another example was "Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day" that was a direct affront to Paul saying love doesn't demand it's way or sow discord with those outside the church) with contacting World Vision saying; "We won't give money to the poor or hungry because you don't have a problem with gays that we do." World Vision was so cut off for funds to the point they had no choice but to reverse themselves and say; "We will exclude gays just to make you happy. You can now go back to feeding the hungry and helping the homeless."
Of course those who pulled their support justified themselves with the same excuse a wife beater gives with blaming the victim; "You made me do this to you!"
This is Christ-like?

"It's astounding to me that Christians would take food from starving children because a gay person might have helped in getting it there. I'm also just so, so dismayed that this is yet another instance in which Christians are telling the world that their feelings about gay people are stronger than their compassion, that their anger over gay employees is greater than their anger over starving children."

- Christian Columnist Kristen Howerton.


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