Gagnon and Anal Walk into a Bar...

This comment is from Jason Westerly, a commentator on my Disqus service, on Robert Gagnon and it's worth repeating here:

Preface: A fan of Gagnon happened to stumble on this post and said he found it offensive. He didn't find any other post offensive that showed Gagnon twisting the Bible like a double pretzel, but THIS post was way too much for him with besmirching the character of Gagnon. It's like Jason Westerly just insulted his school girl crush.

I give Mr. Westerly the floor.

"Reading through several of your published works and discerning your arguments, this is your hermeneutic:

1. God created things to follow a heterosexual order - the natural way biology functions.

2. Anal sex doesn't do this. Therefore it is a serious disorder.

3. Exegesis of all relevant bible passages condemns anal sex.

4. Jesus probably would condemn anal sex.

5. Paul did condemn anal sex.

6. Gay committed loving relationships can involve the practice of anal sex, therefore God condemns them.

7. Gay committed loving relationships are not really loving relationships because men are more promiscuous than women.

8. Though the civil marriage contract reduces male promiscuity, we must prevent homosexuals from engaging in marriage because that would reduce their promiscuity and add stability to their relationships. This is because God does not approve of loving committed homosexual relationships because there is anal sex.

9. Although homosexuals complain that the marriage ban restriction has harmed them and their relationships, making them very difficult to keep together in today's social and economic environment, they must be prevented because God condemns them because of anal sex.

10. Although homosexuals as well as various studies recount that orientation is very difficult to change and that efforts have resulted in enormous psychological damage, we must continue to encourage them to try, provide prayerful help, and provide assistance to maintain celibacy. We must do this because God condemns committed loving homosexual relationships because of anal sex.

11. If we permit the ban on civil marriage rights for homosexuals, then we will fall down the slippery slope to polygamy, incest, pederasty and other horrible things. We must not permit the ban to be lifted because God condemned committed loving homosexual relationships because of anal sex. God spent a great deal of the Old Testament enabling people to prevent people from doing things. Therefore we must prevent the ban on civil marriage for homosexuals to be lifted.

12. Notwithstanding HIV transmission in Africa and the practice of anal sex among heterosexuals in North America, homosexual anal sex must be singled out as the primary vector for sexually spread disease. It is important we place emphasis on homosexual sex practices to the exclusion of others because God condemns loving committed homosexual relationships because of anal sex.

13. Speaking out against homosexuality is fraught with peril. People may yell at you and tell you that your viewpoints cause violence and hatred. You will feel oppressed while you are yelled at while doing the oppressing. But, we must carry on because God condemns loving committed homosexual relationships because of anal sex. We must discourage violence as much as possible so people don't go to Africa like Scott Lively did to help them pass laws encouraging the assassination, murdering, and burnings of homosexuals. We must do everything possible to try and disconnect our rhetoric and the apparent coldness of heart we exhibit toward them from such violence lest our indications of God's complete and utter condemnation make people inflamed, angry and violent.

14. Jesus demanded we love our neighbor. We do this all out of love. Even though they wail and scream and cry and demonstrate enormous personal and group suffering, we must press on because they are sinning horribly by having anal sex. Even though our message brings them to leave the church in droves, except for a pesky few, we must inject ourselves in civil secular society. We must do everything possible to gum up any chance of their lives improving, such as by removing bans allowing their relationships to strengthen, because this encourages more and more anal sex. And, God hates anal sex.

15. Although there are few verses in the Bible regarding anal sex, they are significant. Anal sex is condemned by God and we must, no matter the cost to anyone, continue to do whatever is possible to prevent homosexuals from having stable relationships because God condemns them because of anal sex.

16. Although Jesus says to love your neighbor, the six or seven scriptural passages condemning anal sex mean loving our homosexual neighbors means we must prevent them from having civil rights allowing them to form stable relationships that in any way symbolically or legally equate their relationships with heterosexuals because God hates anal sex.

We must do whatever is possible to attack homosexuality because the natural law sitting at the base of our hermeneutic says anal sex is gross.

Dr. Gagnon, are you perhaps a goat?

- your happily married (19 yrs together) Christian homosexual fans."

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