Joe Dallas

I try to stay within theological circles when debating homosexuality and the Bible because you take what theologians say with more weight because of their specialty. I wouldn't go to a toffee maker to learn how to do take out my tonsils; I would go to a physician because he went to school for it. Now, with that being said, there is also plenty of room for lay Christians to make compelling arguments and even refute these learned scholars because I believe God gives discernment with His Word if you thirst for it with all your heart; I put myself in that category. Whether it is a spiritual gift or simply God rewarding diligence with giving insight of being a Berean, I still don't know. I tend to leave other lay Christians alone even if they believe the opposite of me because we are in the same boat scholastic wise with the Bible and I believe they are entitled to their respective opinions because their opinion is not one coming from leadership like mine. This will not be the case with Joe Dallas.

Joe Dallas is not only all wrong for spitting out all the same anti-gay bile you'd hear from a typical preacher touring the church speaker circuit with a bad toupée, as a person he is a detestable and smarmy human being (I have never written such a harsh criticism on this blog and that should tell you how this man is in a class all his own). He is yet another "ex-gay" who at one time claimed (some refute this) that he was involved in the early gay church movement and brags he knew Troy Perry who founded the first official church made up of gay Christian believers called the Metropolitan Community Churches. When Dallas left the church and turned against against it, he didn't just turn, he turned into a monster. Dallas did the unthinkable by saying gays are child molesters and, being a "former" homosexual himself, it was like stabbing all gays in the back with what he knew was a lie; but he did it anyway to pander to the ugly religious crowd who at the time said that gays deserved AIDS and were pedophiles. He also made it his mission to tell gay Christians that they are liars who are fooling others with pretending to be Christians because that's what HE did. He not only told gays this, he told everyone who hated gays this. If "Gay Christianity" took on human form, Dallas would stab it 72 times and then run it over with his car over and over again all the while laughing. is a site filled with Christian love, but even they couldn't hold back reviewing Dallas's book by saying; "In this book, Joe Dallas distorts and misrepresents everything that Gay and Lesbian Christians have accomplished in the past 30 years... Joe Dallas uses out-of-context selected quotations from Gay Christian leaders in MCC and in other groups to support his rejection of the facts about the "ex-gay fraud." Any person who has accurate knowledge and experience with MCC knows that every congregation and every pastor has a great host of problems to face and handle as best they can. No church is an easy task for the leaders. The Metropolitan Community Churches, however, in the face of sometimes deadly opposition, have given spiritual support and acceptance to gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender people for many years. In this 30th year anniversary of MCC, the desperately needed spiritual and practical help given by this great Christian ministry speaks for itself.
... This book by Joe Dallas is a destructive and unfortunate misrepresentation of the Bible and the so-called "ex-gay" cause."

A kapo with no conscious for being what he is and a despicable Judas to the fledgling gay church is an individual that I have no name for.

There is a book that is a counter to Dallas' book; "A Gay Gospel?" From a Missouri Pastor called; "The Rebuttal: A Biblical Response Exposing The Deceptive Logic Of Anti-Gay Theology" by Pastor Romell D. Weekly.

Dallas bilks his customers with talking to them on the phone for less than an hour and charges $225, then offers the needed companion book for $200 through his sham organization called "Genesis Counseling" that isn't accredited with any health organization because they all refute reparative therapy as harmful.