Charles Stanley

Lay Christians like to listen to "Preachers" rather than real Bible "Teachers." The latter can go to the Bible languages of Christ and Paul to get what both were saying. Having a familiarity with the ancient texts outside the Bible is also a tool they go to that shines a better light on certain passages. We know the story of the good Samaritan, but if you go to the outside sources of the Bible, you'll know that the Jews and the Samaritans were mortal enemies and knowing that gives more depth to the Samaritan story with making him different from the previous two passerby's who saw the robbed man on the side of the road.

Old school "Preachers," like Charles Stanley, talk from a cursory read of the Bible that they picked up at a local Christian book store and that's the extent of their knowledge with the passages. Bible scholars are just too involved and they need you to invest in study with them and the average pew Christian just doesn't want to bother when they can have people like Stanley around to spoon feed on subjects they don't have a vested interest in like homosexuality. It helps Stanley in that he comes off like a kindly grandpa who must know what he's talking about because he's been around longer than you.

This is Stanley on a gay Christian who's parents are having all kinds of problems with him because he won't follow the Christianity of his parents' preachers who condemn him, instead he follows the Christianity taught by teachers and that doesn't sit well with Stanley at all who makes it sound it's all about the gay Christian's "feelings." Stanley believes gays have no joy or happiness no matter what gays say, he's lying in saying that you can change your orientation if you want to (I find this personally offensive because of the experiences my partner went through with wanting to change with all his soul, a change that never happened), hints the son is going to Hell unlike a Tim Keller I just posted on and that the parents should make the life of their Christian gay son miserable with not accepting him and if they don't? They are disobeying God Himself.

[All the YouTube videos I post here I try to get in HD, some just don't have it and I'm stuck posting blurry vids because those are the only ones out there. It's either that or you have Stanley's poor vision because of age]

A little story...

A few years ago a gay pride parade had a route going past his church. Needless to say Stanley was furious and told his church goers to stand outside on the church steps and scream Scripture and condemnation on them, and they did. Across the street was a Methodist church (St. Marks) who instead of screaming and accusing, passed out plastic cups of water to the parade passerby's because it was a hot day. Who was the greater of the two with the witness of the Gospel?
Don't ask Stanley.