Colby Martin on Romans

Months ago I posted a "NALT" (Not All Like That) vid on here.
Colby's video (he was an actor from San Diego who's wife just gave birth to a baby girl) was the one I posted out of the many and I see now he's gone further in his studies.
Just a refresher, NALT is an organization made up of affirming straight Christians.


Frankie Smith said...

I liked his take. Very well thought out and explained. Didn't agree with his definition of malakoi in the one he does on Cor. and Tim. but no one is perfect. I still wish there was someone who'd go far deeper than this. The only person I've seen who ever comes close to what you're talking about here is Daniel Helminiak. Unfortunately, I've only even found one video of his. In fact, I think it was on your channel that I found it. But this man here is an ally, has understanding, and does a good job. We need more like him

rottenqueerchristian said...

I have a slew of Helminiak vids on my YouTube channel. They're short in minutes and hard to find.