Gagnon the Debater

I've came across someone like Gagnon before. They are clever, some say sneaky, to beat a point to death with graphs, power points, side notes and in Gagnon's case looking up from the floor (Gagnon lays down on the floor in one of his debates). In other words "brow-beating." If you look at every single point they bring up in and of itself, it can be refuted if you take the time, but they don't give you a chance because they will bombard you with 5 other points before you have a chance to answer the first point, a master way of way of debating few can do on Gagnon's level and what intimidates his critics from debating him in an open forum. That is why all his points can be easily refuted outside of a debate setting. Also, Gagnon won't just say; "Man and woman should only be together because of what Genesis says." No, he'll go the extra mile with using intimidating language with saying; "Twoness of the sexes is the foundation for the twoness of the sexual bond-for marital monogamy and indissolubility. God intended sexual unions to be binary, whether serially or concurrently."
After hearing the last sentence the layperson, who make up most of his audience in these debates, will say to themselves; "My God! He MUST be right because look at how good he makes his point! Who can argue with indissolubility??? Whatever THAT is?!" He'll then say this same thing in 3 different ways, using that same intimidating language and even Bible scholars who aren't familiar with his tactics will question themselves (scholar Martti Nissinen is a perfect example of someone Gagnon hoodwinked). Gagnon intentionally doesn't use plain-speak except to bully his critics (They dropped out of school, they lost their job, they're gay, etc). 
Gagnon should be teaching techniques of debate instead of what he's trying to pull with the Bible.

I find it ironic Gagnon's arguments were not persuasive enough to convince his own denomination to not accept gays. The PCUSA now accepts homosexuals in all areas.