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These are post drafts I made over the months I was going to post on my blog, but I never posted them for one reason or another. These are some of them.

This post title was called "Wretched Man:"

Todd Friel is the man in the video who has a popular web show called "Wretched." Friel believe there are 3 types of homosexuals. "Bread and Butter" homosexuals, homosexuals who fight for rights,  and gay Christians like me who are the only ones who are the real "enemy" out of the 3. He's also a playdate pal with James White.

I've posted about street preachers and this is a shining example of their error. Everyone who doesn't agree with him in the crowd he dismisses with; "oh, they hate God." Maybe he should take into account those listening to him, like this girl, who don't hate God, but hates how he is giving the message with what is love DEMANDING it's way. This is Todd speaking from a place of pride in his spirit and anything this girl says he could care less about no matter how sincere she is trying to be with him. Christ and Paul never heaped condemnation on passerby's at the corners of gathering places, they OFFERED the "Good News"(euaggeliz├│ (1 Cor 15:1) in the Greek that translates as "Good News" or "Good Tidings") of salvation. The Prophets were hand chosen by God to preach very specific warnings that were a very different message from the Gospel of the Kingdom we are to give now. John the Baptist was in the line of the old prophets and didn't know the Kingdom message because it wasn't yet given.

You don't think every single one of those people in the crowd has heard the Bible message? They grew up with it. He missed the mark with Christ when instead of reaching out in love to that woman who was clearly in pain, he badgered her into tears. He couldn't put down his playbook of street preaching lines ("burning building") and Bible quote spouting to open his ears or his heart with compassion in loving her with what was the place of hurt she was coming from.

This post had no header:

I really believe countering anti-gay theology is like facing down a Doctrine of Devils. It does affect me on a spiritual level that's hard to describe. Satan will never let it sit well with any effort in trying to turn others from this heresy of using the Bible to condemn gay men and women, even if I reached one person. I can say my personal testimony alone reached many on a gay Christian site with comment after comment with how it has blessed them and it's changed others who hated me in a debate, my blog has been read throughout the world because I keep tabs on the traffic coming in. Nothing is without a price and my efforts over the years with this has done damage in my personal life from even some close to me. Please, I'm not saying Satan is chasing me down the street in my boxers/brief hybrid shorts, but I believe in spiritual warfare and as a spiritual being fighting for a spiritual truth, evil principalities and powers can't but help affect me on a very real level.

Apparently I had a fascination with nuns at one time.
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