The newly started "Viceland Channel" played their segment on ex-gay therapy to a televised nation tonight (before you could only see it on their website and few did) and I wanted to re-post what I wrote about "ex-gays" a few months back that included the Vice link.

After watching it again it struck me that these men who want to be "real men" believe you can find being a man with being a husband, a father and having a white picket fence (what they actually stated). What they don't get is that's not what being a man is about. Being a man is rising above adversity with your head held high no matter the cost, having the strength, the fight, to come out and be true to yourself with who you are with what looks like, and sometimes is, institutions in our society like the Church fighting against you in finding peace in a grounded, gay, identity. These are cowards you see in the Vice story. They just don't want to go through the tough life of being gay in a straight world... they've taken a cowards way out and that is not a man.

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