Franklin on a (buttered) Roll

I really have no desire to keep on bringing up Franklin Graham and his shenanigans, trust me, but the man just won't stop with the stupid. He's like a crazy uncle who's telling you there's a bugging device in the potato salad at the family Memorial Day picnic. You really do try to ignore him, but he makes it almost impossible to do it.


Truth, thanks to comments left on forums:

It actually IS the weather. Stores always stock items early. Like Xmas in September. Target stocked their summer clothes in March, and it wasn't until mid-May that warm weather hit most of the country.

Correlation is not causation. That's probably why Walmart, Sears, Costco, Kohl's, Macy's & Nordstrom ALL had their stock prices drop between 4/27 and 4/29 - the exact same time frame that anti-gay hate group AFA is citing to claim their boycott is a success. Apparently so successful that it caused EVERY SINGLE other retailer to suffer a similar drop over the same period.