Two Pits in a Pod

I don't know what's happened to Billie Graham's children. I've written about Franklin's antics before and now his sister Anne is stepping up with her bid to out do her brother in fanaticism. Just recently from Anne.

To imply God decided to turn a blind eye to watch sparrows fall out of the sky while men and women were torn to pieces, burned alive or fell out of the sky to their deaths like sparrows themselves on 9/11, that God did a retroactive judgment on America because of transgenders peeing years later, Is disgusting and a reproach to the Name of God. It's disgusting coming from any human being and even more so coming from anyone in any type of ministry. Anne's brother, never the one to be left out with a 9/11 comparison, is just as loathsome with equating that day of 9/11 with the "moral terrorism" of homosexuality. Did I say Franklin just stated gays "snatch children away for themselves" in a Russian newspaper? Gays are now the child-snatcher monster "Qallupilluit" of Inuit Alaskan lore according to Franklin. Their father Billy is almost in a vegetative state to reel these two beans back in before they totally run his ministry into the ground.

Homosexual coming for your child.