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This is the first in a series just posted today by Anton Takashima.
I like to promote new guys when I can and the simplicity of it should make it easy for the novice.

James Peter was a former fundamentalist preacher. He's a writer and speaker in the UK and India I just discovered.


Anonymous said...

I'm a non-practicing Mormon with a gay son. I just saw your comments on YouTube and came here. I'm honestly in total shock after watching that. It makes complete sense of something I've been trying to understand for a long, long time. I hope there's more. Thank you!

rottenqueerchristian said...

Thank you so much! If you go down to the tags on the bottom right of my blog, click on "Leviticus." You'll probably find the other tags you'll like.

Are you familiar with

Anonymous said...

No, not at all. I'll check it out through. I've between digging around my Bible and showing my husband stuff. Now he's intrigued, too. This has to be a good sign we're on to something ☺