Rainbow Sherbert

Twice this was brought up to me this week in a debate and even though I already answered it in different ways here on my blog, twice it still got thrown in my face like they had something. The snort is "man and woman becoming one flesh." And this PROVES it can only be a man and only a woman.

I'll now give my ice cream analogy to show what isn't stated, isn't prohibited.

If a man talks about vanilla ice cream, that's doesn't mean he thinks strawberry ice cream is a bad flavor, he just didn't talk strawberry ice cream (let's say vanilla was first and strawberry wasn't created yet). Now if this same man specifically stated; "Vanilla ice cream is a good flavor AND strawberry ice cream is a bad flavor," you could can say, without question, strawberry ice cream is a bad flavor. But you only believe strawberry ice cream is a bad flavor just because it isn't vanilla ice cream. Making a flavor bad when it isn't even mentioned.

Now I want ice cream.


Nick said...

Perhaps a bit off topic but on a positive upbeat sidenote: As a person continually amused by the photos you attach to your blog posts and as a person who loves Madonna and her 13th Studio Album as well as the lead single from said album; I love this picture. Made my day.

rottenqueerchristian said...

; )