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There is a "phantom" verse that overlaps the first paragraph below this video, like with Brown, just pray it goes away.

This is what I see. People like Anderson are now making what Brown says on homosexuality more acceptable, more palatable. Anderson is an aberration, a hate-filled human being who believes gays should be killed and go to Hell. But Brown also believes gays are going to Hell unless they repent of being a practicing homosexual. Anderson makes no apologies and has no sympathy for the dead in Orlando, while Brown gives his sympathies to the dead in Orlando when he went after those same gay people when they were alive. His message on homosexuality doesn't seem so bad now when compared to crazy Steve Anderson or attention whore Roger Jimenez. Brown is now the lesser evil, Anderson and Jimenez were the Trojan horse.
Brown can't even help himself on agreeing with the supposed future "persecution" of how Christian talk to homosexuals and gun control laws. Both agree gays are going to Hell, it's just Brown who doesn't believe they should be killed to get them there. These two, and I include all other anti-gay religious leaders also, are on the opposite ends of the same prism that excludes gay children from the table of the Most High God.


I spoke to my partner about the shooting last night. I wrote what I wrote in response to a list of Christian leaders who now all of a sudden come out like squeaking mice with offering their prayers and sympathies and I say it here again:

"... Half of those people on the list have said horrific things about gays and NOW they have the gall to try to give their sympathies? What an insult to the memories of those killed when they spent their lives hearing the anti-gay rhetoric coming from these same people.
As a gay man and Christian, keep your condolences and sympathies to yourself. They are not needed or wanted and that includes their followers."

Franklin Graham is now included who of course only talks about the shooting as a result of a "Godless Nation" when he is one of those who's made the atmosphere toxic for LGBTQ, deflecting even a little responsibility he might have.
Compare his response to Catholic Bishop Robert Lynch:

"Sadly it is religion, including our own, which targets, mostly verbally, and also often breeds contempt for gays, lesbians and transgender people. Attacks today on LGBT men and women (from us) often plant the seed of contempt, then hatred, which can ultimately lead to violence."

I read an article that said many Christians are genuinely surprised at the angry response they are receiving from the LGBTQ, like they somehow had something to do with it. You did.

What Omar Mateen did was kill 49 gay men and women in one fell swoop with a semi-automatic gun. What religious leaders do from the pulpit and what is repeated by those in the pews is kill the gay soul. You don't do it one one sweep, you do it slowly, you draw it out with tiny paper cuts to the spirit. More gays have died from words and "Christian" actions than those that died by the hand of a single Muslim that day. That blood on the sidewalk outside of the Pulse nightclub will river to the Church yard and it will be a testimony on you.

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