Bad Blood

John Shore is a prolific writer and a personality well known in Christendom. He is also gay affirming til it hurts. There is no middle ground with John. The Bible doesn't condemn homosexuality, this is what it says, shut your mouth! I love the man. Now there is Andrew Marin, also a prolific Christian writer, a darling of the media with his "I'm Sorry" campaign (get it? It's a campaign to say to gays; "I'm sorry for how the Church has treated you."), but you can't get out of Andrew if he's affirming of homosexuality with the Bible or not, he'll straddle the fence all the way till his pants split and he's chaffed. Andrew once gave his reason that is neither here nor there. I give the man credit, not love because he outright won't just saying how he believes.

Everyone knows Andrew won't say what side he's on because everyone in the know knows he believes the Bible condemns homosexuality. The thing with Andrew is that he stretches the love of Christ over all, like it's a big Persian rug. He thinks how he feels on this personally he can sweep under the rug even though it leaves a big, fat, lump that makes you ask; "What's that big lump under the pretty rug?" I'm convinced Andrew will never come right out and state how he really feels no matter how much you try to pry it out of him. Now there is something to be said about the mantra; "FOCUS ON ONLY LOVE, FOCUS ON ONLY LOVE," but this doesn't answer the Bible question on homosexuality. Now there are two lumps under the rug with homosexuality and the bible and Andrew's opinion on it.

One time John and Andrew came to blows on twitter with what was bound to happen with two Christian powerhouses on homosexuality. I understood John's frustration with Andrew because bringing a gay kid into the faith with saying; "God loves you and the Church was wrong to say bad things to you, but now look at the fine print of the Bible whenever you have the time," CAN be devastating to the kid with finding out God's love is conditional with their homosexuality. I'm sure Andrew's reasoning is; "Don't let the Bible get in the way of a good witness to dem gays. They'll learn it out later." When the smoke cleared, Andrew left to fight other battles with gays who had suspicions about his motivations AND anti-gay Christians (one being Gagnon who can't keep his nose out of anything gay) who think Andrew wants to hide their hateful Gospel message on homosexuality (they're right). John said on his blog about the exchange:

"I don’t expect to hear from him (Andrew) again. But I’m confident that if I do, he won’t say anything beyond how important it is to continue the dialogue, to keep building bridges, to “live in the tension,” to reach out in love, fuzzy, fuzzy, blah, blah, tastes great, less filling. Because selling that kind of sugar-powdered waffle is how Andrew makes his money."

Later, when John received criticism for what looked like a less than Christian response to Andrew, he went further stating:

"... folks have made the point that Andrew’s work is valuable, because he is “building bridges”—because he is, as one reader put it, “creating stepping stones from one end of the spectrum to the other.” They appreciate Marin establishing a neutral, non-judgmental, values-free middle ground where parties on either side of the gay-Christian debate can meet to together discuss and explore the issue.

And I certainly understand how great that sounds.

But it’s not great. It doesn’t even make sense. Because when it comes to the issue of LGBT equality, there is no middle ground. There can’t be. The Christian/LGBT issue is a moral issue. And moral issues are by definition about right and wrong.

And this particular moral issue is one of no small consequence. There couldn’t be more at stake with it. The Christians on one side of this debate are claiming that, in the eyes of God, those on the other side are less than human.

Whoooosh! Good-bye middle ground.

No matter how strenuously he or she might deny it, any Christian who fails to forthrightly and unambiguously assert that there is nothing whatsoever inherently immoral about same-sex relationships has chosen a side in this conflict. They’ve chosen to perpetuate the maligning, ostracizing, and degradation of gay people by Christians. If you don’t stop one person from abusing another, of what good are you to the victim? To a starving man, the person who can’t decide whether or not they want to share their food is no better than the person who outright refuses to."

well said John.

I bring up this incident between John and Andrew because I'm seeing this being played out more and more now. Those like John and myself having to confront the Andrews of the world with hard Scripture (in our case, affirming) over their over exuberance of love and acceptance that's hiding a bill of goods that says either change your orientation or get use to being alone for the rest of your life once your foot in salvation's door.


Frankie Smith said...

Thank you so much for posting this. I've never heard of John Shore but I've seen the other guy and I've witnessed this phenomenon in varies flavors before. It's basically saying, "we think you're disgusting, but we will tell you SUPER SUPER SUPER nicely, and you should appreciate that" type deal. When I was in my late teens, early twenties, I would have been satisfied with that whole approach. I would have most likely said, at least he's trying to reach out. But not now. And as I get older, I think I'll feel like this more and more. The fact is this, homosexuality is NOT condemned in Scripture period! So people need to stop saying it is based upon what amounts to poor Scriptural research, subjective assumptions, and just sheer traditionalism. It's not enough to simply say, "well at least they're being nice and respectful." NO! The reason is because as long as be allow it to be accepted, the door will continue to remain open for the most bigoted and hateful aspects of this anti-gay movement. You can't have the nice one without the really harsh bigoted one, and the harsh bigoted one will continue to hurt people deeply, while the nice one will simply ignore that hurt while pretending to care when in actuality they don't. (Like Andrew) It's all or nothing. Either it's wrong, or it's not wrong. If it's not wrong (which it's not) I'm not settling for anti-gay traditionalism wrapped up a bow. I can't accept it anymore than I could accept a sirloin steak served to me with a piece of dog crap on the plate. I'm sorry for being vulgar but that is what it is. Whatever good is there is ruined by the fact that you're still saying I'm sinning when I'm not, and that God won't accept me.

rottenqueerchristian said...

They've wised up with knowing a condemnation message won't work anymore, so they try this back door tactic. Where was this "love" years before they poisoned everyone?