One more thing before I put on my sunscreen...

When critics of gay marriage were bringing up reasons to be against it in the media, one of the arguments was that it would start a 'slippery slope' with anyone could marry anything. If you can marry the same sex, you could also marry your right hand or a broom stick handle, but it never happened. It didn't happen here in the States and it didn't happen in all the other countries that had gay marriage for years before here. Later, these same critics pushed for "Religious Exemption laws (RFRA)" they could run to with lawfully discriminating against gays. Well guess what's now starting a real slippery slope that never happened with gay marriage?
Read this again because it's even more relevant today since the anti-gay crowd found their new toy called "Christian Persecution."

I'm a strong presence on YouTube (I stopped uploading vids and putting what I write on Google + and now I just stick with comments). One thing I can say in all honesty out of the endless people I've come across who've ranged from a top shelf theologian to a cook at a greasy spoon, is that, give it time, their debating with me always goes from the Bible, to other issues, the real core of the problem they have with homosexuality.
They find homosexuality disgusting is what it really boils down to for most. They love going to bogus science studies of disease and mortality rates as a reason to hate me. Really? Me going to an early grave racked with disease is a reason to have a problem with me? If anything, that should be making you show me the love of Christ MORE, considering my short and miserable existence on Earth. Or how we'd all die out if we found ourselves on a mysterious island void of straights. Like we were somehow air-lifted there in our sleep by unknown entities and woke up on an island or all straights just evaporated off the Earth one day. Statistically it's impossible for a society to be all straight or all gay in orientation. They only do this "what would end the human race?" scenario with gays and not straights who might, for instance, be genetically sterile. They also don't see the problem that being celibate for the Kingdom also would bring about our extinction.
All this is very telling and backs what I've always believed, the Bible comes in second with why they have an issue with homosexuality. The Bible is the back-up they need with justifying how strongly they feel against homosexuality, it's a reference, not the reason. They think the Bible is somehow saying to them; "I have your back with whatever else you have on these perverts." For those who say I'm driven by my homosexuality to read the Bible how I read it, aren't you reading the Bible through the lens of your own heterosexuality? Your bias would be stronger than mine because it was drilled into you starting at birth (blue is for boys and pink is for girls) and reaffirmed to you every day of your life.
All I care about is the Word of the eternal and living God to guide me on this subject and I don't need to go anywhere else. To bad you people can't say the same.

Personal heroes in apologetics I can count on one hand. One being Bruce Gering. I'll see you one day in Glory my brother.

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