5 Salamis and an Atheist

I went back and forth on if I should put up these videos because the source is from an Atheist by the name of Peter Thurston and the little digs against how I believe are a little much. But I can take it because I'm a big boy and Peter isn't going to stress God out with what he has to say here. These are arguments, from 3 anti-gay powerhouses, even an Atheist can refute using just simple reasoning. It also shows a cunning from these men with how they try to figure out how to undermine arguments for equality. The second video is a refute of the New Atlantis mag touting a bogus anti-LGBTQ study (remember the debunked Regnerus study?). These types of arguments are in the secular domain and are free to be taken apart even by non-believers.

I think most Christians underestimate the unbelievers in the world. If they see what is bigotry, it will be bigotry in a real sense anyone can grasp and it's not coming from a place of not believing in a God or lack of morals, unlike what the 3 above would have you believe. It comes from seeing one group of people having a prejudice against another group of people just for being who they are. This looks hypocritical when this group with the the display of prejudice are having premarital sex and covet. Practice these or other sins and you have no place to quote Romans to a homosexual. Paul said image was everything to the unbelieving world:
"To the weak I became weak, that I might win the weak; I have become all things to all men, so that I may by all means save some. I do all things for the sake of the gospel... "

Yet this is completely lost on most Christians like the ones above who feel they need to have special round table discussions on homosexuality and THIS is hypocritical to the unbelieving world.

When you discriminate against the LGBTQ community because you think your faith gives you this entitlement, this is bigotry by it's very definition YOU think is God-backed and what is "bigotry" everyone can understand? A bigoted belief is one that respects, enforces or socially/culturally maintains enforcement of oppression on a disenfranchised minority for no useful reason other than prejudice, belief, and tradition. But it also is a belief that perpetuates stigma, stereotypes, misinformation, or cruelty to disenfranchised minorities. Even if the person believes their argument is sound, if it hurts, defames, dehumanizes, disenfranchises, stigmatizes, or insults the being of a person, it is BIGOTED. 
Bigotry should not even be in the vocabulary of a Christian with another also created in the image of God.

The 3 try to get around this with saying; "Well the Bible says..." But Paul shuts them down with asking; "What have we to do with the affairs of the world? Nothing." We are only called to live at peace with our neighbor, walk 2 miles when they ask us to walk 1 and love them like a favorite child.
Instead of TRYING to not sound bigoted and getting frustrated when you still come off like one, why not take a good look at yourself and see if the unbelieving world has reason to see you as a bigot? Paul says himself we are to examine ourselves and these men have missed the mark. The "world" isn't irrational and they can see when a wrong is being done to another no matter the reason you give.

I have nothing to say on these two old goats other than they should be put to bed with a big glass of warm milk.