Connie and her Christmas Fruitcakes

These next 3 posts are my encounters with anti-gay bloggers/sites. "Hip and Thigh" is covered here.
(it's a little confusing who I quote and my responses back at hips, but I trust you'll figure it out).
Peacebyjesus quotes me all the places he can find 'pais' without a sexual connotation, the problem is all these other instances are not in the context (anti-gay ringers always seem to have a blind spot with context) of a Roman Centurion and his "beloved servant." The rest of what he wrote I didn't bother to read and I leave it up to you if you want to tell me.

When I set out to make this blog a source for affirming theology in everyday and understandable terms, I not only went to the names on the tags below who made the argument opposite to mine, I also went to other blogs to see what they had to say. One that kept on coming up was called Stasis Online. It really was an ugly place with spider webs in the corner and packed with virulent content against homosexuality. He has a list on his "about" page with what he calls his inspirations naming benign "ex-gays," but look closer at his postings and you get a different story. In one post he hints that homosexuality should still be considered a mental illness and he musters the effort to link the Catholic Pedo scandal with homosexuality. I can only stay over at his blog for a few minutes before it starts making my skin crawl.
Years ago I made a comment on a post, since deleted, he made about the Bell and Weinberg study (gay promiscuity) saying he neglected to mention it was done in the Disco 70's, an era when promiscuity was had by one and all. The comparative study was also stacked in that the heterosexuals used were picked out from warm and fuzzy suburban towns while the homosexuals were chosen from seedy gay bars, dark back alleys and bathhouses in the big city (the authors of the study state this themselves). Now it would have turned out different if they chose the heterosexuals from Studio 54 or any of the other swing'n single bars Jack Tripper would have hung out at, but the study authors took what they could where they could because no well adjusted gay man wanted to be involved.
'Stasis' responded amicably as I did in return but later got back at me with linking to what Gagnon said on what I wrote on the Centurion's story (he actually did me a favor because it gave me the chance to refute Gagnon). Now here we are with what I hope is a banishment back to his blog full of witches.